No. 21 Williams Falls to No. 15 Cornell but Triumphs Over No. 26 Hobart

AJ Solecki '21
AJ Solecki '21

ITHACA, NY - This past Saturday in Ithaca, the Ephs took on Cornell and Hobart in their first matches of the season.

In an electric, crowd packed match, the No. 21 Men fell to No. 15 Cornell. Freshman Krish Bhavnani (#9), Junior David Pincus (#6) and Freshman Jacob Bassil (#3) were on first. Bhavnani was a step too slow and was edged out in three games, while Pincus and Bassil tested their opponents to close four game duals. The second round of matches was led by Senior Anand Butler (#8), Sophomore A.J. Solecki (#5), and Junior Will Means (#2). Butler, Solecki, and Means were all defeated 3-0 against high caliber players. Senior Co-Captain Ben Eisenberg, Sophomore Wyatt Khosrowshahi, and Senior Co-Captain John Fitzgerald battled in the last round of matches. Eisenberg and Khosrowshahi pushed their opponents to a fifth and deciding game, while Fitzgerald was defeated in three games as he was trying to find his groove after time off from the court.  

A couple of hours later, the Men returned to play Hobart, leaving with a 7-2 victory. In a challenge of endurance, the Ephs Men were rock solid from the #3-#9 positions, each player earning 3-0 victories. Bassil dropped in four games in a competitive match, while Fitzgerald struggled to regain his strong from the previous season. 

Senior Co-Captain John Fitzgerald said after the match: "It was a tough opening day with a lot of squash, but we have plenty of room for improvement going forward and will continue to push ourselves each day in practice so that we are prepared for upcoming big matches."

The Ephs take on Hamilton and Connecticut College in Clinton, NY tomorrow morning at 10am.

  Cornell University Rating Williams College Rating Winner's Score Winner Status
1S Muran, Andrew C. 5.73714 Fitzgerald, John C 5.50371 11-4,11-3,11-6 Cornell University C
2S Culhane, Charles  5.81442 Means, William W 5.25131 11-3,11-6,11-9 Cornell University C
3S Hanson, Perry W. 5.64997 Bassil, Jacob  5.35823 11-3,7-11,11-6,11-5 Cornell University C
4S Dworetzky, Alex  5.35389 Khosrowshahi, Wyatt  5.24892 11-4,11-3,2-11,5-11,11-7 Cornell University C
5S Presman, Illia  5.37028 Solecki, A.J.  5.31546 11-5,11-7,11-3 Cornell University C
6S Goth Errington, Nicholas  Non-member Pincus, David  5.17039 11-6,6-11,11-8,11-8 Cornell University C
7S Park, Luke  5.23613 Eisenberg, Ben R. 5.06942 11-5,9-11,6-11,11-2,11-5 Cornell University C
8S Scherl, Jared  5.13772 Butler, Anand M. 4.98329 11-5,11-7,11-5 Cornell University C
9S Surti, Yohann  Non-member Bhavnani, Krish S 5.35569 11-9,11-3,11-2 Cornell University C
10S Paolella, James H. 5.05722 Merino, Oscar  4.83473 11-4,11-5,11-5 Cornell University C
  Williams College Rating Hobart College Rating Winner's Score Winner Status
1S Fitzgerald, John C 5.50371 Oakley, Josh  5.45391 11-7,11-3,11-6 Hobart College C
2S Bassil, Jacob  5.35823 Abdelhafez, Mohamed  5.48073 11-9,9-11,11-8,11-9 Hobart College C
3S Khosrowshahi, Wyatt  5.24892 Mulholland, Michael  5.08469 11-8,11-5,11-5 Williams College C
4S Solecki, A.J.  5.31546 Davis, Quran  Lapsed-member 11-5,11-5,11-0 Williams College C
5S Pincus, David  5.17039 Temoyan, Cameron D 4.61733 11-2,11-7,11-5 Williams College C
6S Eisenberg, Ben R. 5.06942 Escalona, Cristian M. Lapsed-member 11-3,11-1,11-4 Williams College C
7S Butler, Anand M. 4.98329 Pugliese, Josh E. Lapsed-member 11-3,11-2,11-1 Williams College C
8S Bhavnani, Krish S 5.35569 Reith, George G 4.40557 11-5,11-0,11-7 Williams College C
9S Merino, Oscar  4.83473 Wan, Jeffrey  Lapsed-member 11-2,11-5,11-3 Williams College C