Ephs Best Conn. College and Hamilton 9-0

Carl Shuck '20
Carl Shuck '20

CLINTON, NY - The Ephs were on the road to play Conn. College and Hamilton at Hamilton College.

The Ephs were quick to carry momentum from a win against Hobart on Saturday to a morning dual with Conn. College. In a convincing victory, the Ephs beat Conn. College 9-0, dropping only a game the entire match. 

An hour later, the Ephs had Hamilton. Despite the quick turnaround, the Men were ready to go right out of the gate and bested Hamilton 9-0, also only dropping a single game for all nine matches. 

Zafi Levy commented: "I am very pleased with the Men's Team being able to come out with decisive victories with little rest time. We have a lot to look forward to for upcoming matches". 

The Ephs will next play Columbia on Nov. 30th, Drexel on Dec. 1st and Tufts on Dec. 2nd at home. 

  Hamilton College Rating Williams College Rating Winner's Score Winner Status
1S Somerby, Rufus  4.73181 Bassil, Jacob  5.33771 12-10,9-11,11-7,11-6 Williams College C
2S Jones, Atticus  4.64388 Khosrowshahi, Wyatt  5.25342 11-5,11-7,11-6 Williams College C
3S Constable, Oliver G. Lapsed-member Solecki, A.J.  5.32494 11-4,11-4,11-3 Williams College C
4S Nielsen, Graham F. 4.07848 Pincus, David  5.18166 11-6,11-2,11-2 Williams College C
5S Randolph, Nick  Lapsed-member Eisenberg, Ben R. 5.07845 11-3,11-3,11-5 Williams College C
6S O'Connor, Kyle  Lapsed-member Butler, Anand M. 4.98761 11-1,11-2,11-1 Williams College C
7S Haas, Matthew  Non-member Bhavnani, Krish S 5.36161 11-5,11-4,11-1 Williams College C
8S Buckley, John  Non-member Merino, Oscar  4.84136 11-8,11-1,11-2 Williams College C
9S Nocito, Will  Non-member Jain, Neel S. 4.92848 11-5,11-3,11-1 Williams College C
10S Hansson, Christian  Non-member Van Eck, Tucker  4.76111 11-7,11-2,11-3 Williams College C