Ephs Defeat Tufts 7-2

Will Means '20
Will Means '20

WILLIAMSTOWN, MA - The Men's squash returned to the Simon Squash Center for another eventful day of squash. Tufts, climbing up the national rankings to No. 23 came ready to play. The Ephs had the upper hand from the start by capturing a 3-0 lead after the first round of matches. Anand Butler '19 (#9), David Pincus '20 (#6), and Wyatt Khosrowshahi '21 (#3) controlled play and finished with solid 3-0 results. Krish Bhavnani '22 (#8), A.J. Solecki '21 (#5), and Jacob Bassil '22 (#2) opened the second round of matches. Bhavnani continued his excellent play from Coumbia and Drexel, blanking his opponent in three games. Solecki faced a strong opponent and received an unlucky call at at the end of the fifth game, resulting in a 11-8 final game score. Bassil was tied at 1-1 with his opponent but had to stop mid way through the third game due to an injury, concluding the second round of matches with the Ephs up 4-2. In the last round of matches, Co-Captain Ben Eisenberg '19 (#7), William Means '20 (#4), and Co-Captain John Fitzgerald '19 (#1) shut out their opponents in convincing three game victories. 

  Williams College Rating Tufts University Rating Winner's Score Winner Status
1S Fitzgerald, John C 5.50454 Kumar, Raghav  5.00353 13-11,11-2,11-5 Williams College C
2S Bassil, Jacob  5.35649 Rodriguez, K. Marco  5.11933 8-11,11-7,11-7 Tufts University DF
3S Khosrowshahi, Wyatt  5.23114 Litman, Alan J 4.99983 11-5,11-7,11-7 Williams College C
4S Means, William W 5.24641 O'Shea, Dillon  5.02442 11-1,11-4,12-10 Williams College C
5S Solecki, A.J.  5.32614 Dewire, William F. 5.14637 5-11,11-8,12-10,6-11,11-8 Tufts University C
6S Pincus, David  5.18771 Wind, Connor P. 4.66285 11-5,11-6,11-7 Williams College C
7S Eisenberg, Ben R. 5.08868 Awan, Salik  4.63363 11-8,11-8,11-6 Williams College C
8S Bhavnani, Krish S 5.3334 Raskopf, Brett  4.7961 11-9,11-7,11-3 Williams College C
9S Butler, Anand M. 5.05594 Pandya, Aryaman  4.40084 11-3,11-9,11-7 Williams College C