Men's Squash Upsets No. 17 F&M in 5-4 Epic

AJ Solecki '21
AJ Solecki '21

LANCASTER, PA - The Men's Squash Team traveled to Lancaster, PA to take on No. 17 Franklin & Marshall. At 5:00pm the Ephs men were ready for battle. The format was a five-match system, where numbers 8,6,4,2 were on first round with numbers 9,7,5,1 on second round. David Pincus '20 (#8) quickly came out with a 3-0 victory while Krish Bhavnani '21 (#6) fought off a challenging opponent who took the first game, but regained focus and won the next four. At 2-0 Ephs, Jacob Bassil '22 (#4) had several game balls at 10-7 in the first game but his challenger clawed back to 10-10 before taking the first game 12-10 - Bassil was unable to regain momentum falling 3-0. Carl Shuck '20 (#2) played a strong Malaysian opponent and was overcome in three games as well, making the score 2-2 Ephs. 

Co-Captain Ben Eisenberg '19 clinically finished his match 3-0, playing some of his best squash this season. The Ephs added another tally at 4-2 thanks to A.J. Solecki '21 (#7), who carried his strong form this year with another convincing 3-0 win. Williams Means '20 (#5) started strong going up 1-0 and had chances in the third game to take a 2-1 lead but was slightly outmatched and lost in four games. At 4-3 Ephs, Co-Captain John Fitzgerald '19 (#1) was battling an Egyptian and leveled the match at 2-2 before losing 11-9 in a thriller fifth game and sending the match to a decider. Leading 2-1, Wyatt Khosrowshahi '21 (#3) dropped the fourth game but controlled the fifth game score going up 7-4 before letting his opponent climb back to 7-7. In a show of mental toughness, Khosrowshahi sent the match home, winning 11-8 in the fifth and giving the Ephs an epic upset.

The Ephs will take on No. 13 Navy tomorrow and No. 14 UVA. On Sunday, the Ephs will challenge George Washington University. 

  Franklin and Marshall College Rating Williams College Rating Winner's Score Winner Status
1S Abbas, Shamseldeen A 5.39952 Fitzgerald, John C 5.45463 9-11,11-6,11-8,5-11,11-9 Franklin and Marshall College C
2S Jeeva, Sanjay  5.656 Shuck, Carl W. 5.42301 11-7,11-7,11-5 Franklin and Marshall College C
3S Soom, Silvio  5.38449 Khosrowshahi, Wyatt  5.25173 7-11,11-3,11-8,6-11,11-8 Williams College C
4S Senkel, Yannis  5.52877 Bassil, Jacob  5.30764 12-10,11-6,11-8 Franklin and Marshall College C
5S Parekh, Aryan  5.59884 Means, William W 5.28918 10-12,11-7,11-9,11-3 Williams College S
6S Polikoff, Boden B. 5.22127 Bhavnani, Krish S 5.227 9-11,11-8,11-7,11-9 Williams College C
7S Dukarm, Matthew  5.35483 Solecki, A.J.  5.27901 7-11,9-11,9-11 Williams College S
8S Bassett, Kingman  5.01943 Pincus, David  5.12996 14-12,12-10,11-2 Williams College C
9S Tompkins, Allen C. 4.92221 Eisenberg, Ben R. 5.08802 11-8,11-3,11-8 Williams College C
10S Murray, Frank H. 4.82859 Butler, Anand M. 5.05974 11-8,11-3,9-11,12-10 Williams College C