Ephs Beaten by Middlebury 5-4

Ephs Beaten by Middlebury 5-4

STAMFORD, CT - A third meeting against Middlebury and another epic, the Ephs were unable to hit the five win mark after trailing the entire match. From the start, the Ephs went down 2-0 after Krish Bhavnani '22 (#6) narrowly got edged in three games, and Carl Shuck '20 (#3) was unable to conver 9-9 opportunities in the second and fourth to close his match.

Shortly after, David Pincus '20 (#8) produced the same result as he did at the NESCAC Championship, winning 3-1 with confidence, which made the score 1-2 Ephs. Wyatt Khowrowshahi '21 (#2) was defeated in three games that were closer than the score suggested. At 1-3 Ephs, Co-Captain Ben Eisenberg '19 (#9) came back from 2-0 to upset his opponent in five games.

Jacob Bassil (#5) and David Pincus '20 (#8) produced the same results that they did at the NESCAC Championshuips, defeating their Midd opponents in five and four games, respectively. Eisenberg and Bassil capped off the weekend as undefeated with the five game victories on Saturday and Sunday. 

On the top court, Co-Captain John Fitzgerald '19 (#1) got off to a strong start, winning 11-8, before slowing down and missing an opportunity in the fourth game to send the match to five. William Means '20 (#4) pulled out another five-game win but was not able to stop Midd from responding with a 3-0 win against A.J. Solecki '21 (#7) to edge the Ephs 5-4. 

  Williams College Rating Middlebury College Rating Winner's Score Winner Status
1S Fitzgerald, John C 5.54367 Ghaeli, Justin A 5.44936 8-11,11-6,11-5,12-10 Middlebury College C
2S Khosrowshahi, Wyatt  5.33945 Ellen, Jacob  5.41352 11-3,11-6,11-7 Middlebury College C
3S Shuck, Carl W. 5.38508 Cembalest, Will  5.35226 8-11,11-9,12-10,11-9 Middlebury College C
4S Means, William W 5.32761 Kagan, Jacob A. 5.42155 10-12,14-12,11-9,8-11,11-7 Williams College C
5S Bassil, Jacob  5.36379 Bermingham, Nicholas O. 5.32195 11-1,8-11,4-11,11-8,11-8 Williams College C
6S Bhavnani, Krish S 5.26153 Best, Theodore S. 5.4476 11-9,11-8,12-10 Middlebury College C
7S Solecki, A.J.  5.34946 Epley, John C 5.3806 11-9,14-12,11-3 Middlebury College C
8S Pincus, David  5.16339 Hinton, Wiatt F. 5.1474 8-11,11-6,11-8,11-9 Williams College C
9S Eisenberg, Ben R. 5.13994 Merrill, Alexander O. 5.15672 3-11,11-9,10-12,11-7,11-4 Williams College C