Thomas Hodgson
Title: Assistant Coach of Men's & Women's Squash

Thomas Hodgson graduated from Williams in 1974 and earned an M.A. in philosophy from Yale in 1976. He joined the Williams coaching lineup in November 2017 after a 40-year career as a philosophy teacher and head coach of multiple varsity sports at Phillips Academy (Andover). He is a founder of SquashBusters Lawrence [MA], an urban squash program that promotes student academic, social, and athletic development in partnership with Andover, Brooks School, and public schools in Lawrence.

A lifelong athlete, Hodgson has played football, basketball, baseball, tennis, and squash. After taking up softball squash in 1996, Hodgson subsequently placed 4th in a U. S. Squash 3.5 national tournament, and earned a national ranking of 13 in age group competition. He coached girls and boys varsity squash teams at Andover for 20 years, and he has worked with Eph head coach Levy and other top coaches at the Squash and Beyond Camps.

Tom and his wife Susan (Brownell W '74) and their dogs liveon the southwest side of Mount Greylock.