Ephs progress to NESCAC semifinals after 5-0 win against Tufts, face Amherst

Ephs progress to NESCAC semifinals after 5-0 win against Tufts, face Amherst

BRUNSWICK, ME — The men's tennis NESCAC Championship started Friday afternoon on the campus of Bowdoin College, which pitted Williams against Tufts for the right to play the Lord Jeffs of Amherst on Saturday. Having already defeated the Jumbos earlier in the regular season by 7-2, the Ephs put in another strong showing on all fronts to sweep aside the Jumbos 5-0 and to claim their spot in the semifinals against their arch-rivals.

The Ephs had no trouble in doubles, as they raced out to insurmountable leads on all three courts. The Eph sophomore pairing of Brian Astrachan and Alexander Schidlovsky took a 5-2 lead out of the gate against Jumbo freshmen Kevin Kelly and Brad Wong at three-doubles, and they never looked back as they cruised to a comfortable 8-4 win. The same scoreline was repeated only a few minutes later on Court 2, as Eph freshman Rohan Shastri and sophomore Jose Raventos finished off Jumbo senior Austin Blau and sophomore Nick Cary. The Jumbos' chance for a point came at the number one position, as the Jumbo duo of freshman Ben Battle and sophomore Jay Glickman managed to fight back from being 5-1 down to the Eph combination of senior Matt Micheli and freshman Conrad Harron to get to within one game at 7-6, but fell just shy of completing the comeback as Micheli and Harron closed out the doubles-sweep for the Ephs.

With the commanding 3-0 lead, the Ephs went into singles with extreme confidence, as they won all six of their first sets, before clinching the match. Eph sophomore Howard Weiss pulled the Ephs to within one point of claiming the match, as he downed Battle 6-1, 6-1 at five-singles, and the Ephs didn't have to wait long for that coveted fifth point, as Raventos managed to nab a close first set against Blau 7-5, before breezing past Blau in the second set 6-1, ending the match.

After the match, Eph head coach Dan Greenberg talked about how his team maintained their momentum well in the match: "We had a little lull in the middle of doubles, but we managed to close out all sets and then won the first set at each singles court, which was big for us to maintain our momentum." 

The Ephs face off against the Lord Jeffs of Amherst College tomorrow afternoon in the NESCAC semifinals. The Ephs lost their regular-season fixture against the Lord Jeffs by the slim margin of 5-4 and look to redeem that loss. The match is scheduled to start at 1 PM EDT on the campus of Bowdoin College.


Williams 5, Tufts 0

  1.  Matt Micheli (WILLIAMS) vs. Jay Glickman (TUFTS) 6-4, 3-0, DNF
  2.  Conrad Harron (WILLIAMS) vs. Brad Wong (TUFTS) 6-2, 3-4, DNF
  3. Rohan Shastri (WILLIAMS) vs. Nick Cary (TUFTS) 6-4, 1-2, DNF
  4. Alexander Schidlovsky (WILLIAMS) vs. Kevin Kelly (TUFTS) 7-5, 0-3, DNF
  5. Howard Weiss (WILLIAMS) def. Ben Battle (TUFTS) 6-1, 6-1
  6. Jose Raventos (WILLIAMS) def. Austin Blau (TUFTS) 7-5, 6-1
  1. Matt Micheli/Conrad Harron (WILLIAMS) def. Ben Battle/Jay Glickman (TUFTS) 8-6
  2. Rohan Shastri/Jose Raventos (WILLIAMS) def. Nick Cary/Austin Blau (TUFTS) 8-4
  3. Brian Astrachan/Alexander Schidlovsky (WILLIAMS) def. Kevin Kelly/Brad Wong (TUFTS) 8-4

Match Notes:
Williams 15-5, nationally ranked #11
Tufts 9-9