Ephs Top Trinity, 9-0, in First NESCAC Win of Season

Austin Barr '21
Austin Barr '21

WILLIAMSTOWN, MA -- In their first NESCAC match of the season, the Williams College Ephs (ranked 5th in NCAA DIII) defeated the Trinity College Bantams (unranked in NCAA DIII) in dominating fashion, 9-0.

Having just returned from a trip to California, in which they went 3-4, the Ephs won handily in their first match of the season back in Williamstown. Williams won all three doubles matches and all six singles matches -- all of which came in just two sets. Additionally, the Ephs won two exhibition matches; one in doubles play, the other in singles play. 

The Ephs started the scoring in doubles play with an 8-1 victory by junior Ananth Raghavan and sophomore Calvin Chung over Trinity's Tanner Boyle and William Frigerio at number one. Junior Alex Taylor and freshman Peter Frelinghuysen followed suit with an 8-4 win over Courtland Boyle and Ross DeRose at number two. Finally, in a much closer match, decided by a margin of 8-7 (2), sophomores Noah Reich and Austin Barr overcame the tandem of Granville Kaynor and Christopher Bilicic at number three. Additionally, Eph senior Christian O'Connor and freshman Michael Medvedev won an exhibition match against the Bantam duo of Charles Kilborn and Chris Caskin, 8-2.

In singles play, the Ephs played even stronger. All six victories -- by Barr, Raghavan, Chung, Taylor, Frelinghuysen and Reich -- came in just two sets. Barr and Frelinghuysen earned especially lopsided victories, with each only allowing their opponent to win a single game. Each of Chung's sets against Bilicic required seven games to win, but Chung won both sets, 7-5. In an exhibition match, freshman Kirun Cheung defeated Trinity's Courtland Boyle.

"We came out and played with good focus from start to finish," remarked Eph assistant coach Felix Sun, who despite the dominant victory, believes there is still room for improvement. "Nice way to start the NESCAC season. Now it's full speed ahead trying to get better everyday."

Next Saturday (4/6), the Ephs look to continue their momentum at home against Connecticut College.



1. Alex Taylor/Peter Frelinghuysen (W) def. Courtland Boyle/Ross DeRose (T) -- 8-4

2. Ananth Raghavan/Calvin Chung (W) def. Tanner Boyle/William Frigerio (T) -- 8-1

3. Noah Reich/Austin Barr (W) def. Granville Kaynor/Christopher Bilicic (T) -- 8-7 (2)

E. Christian O'Connor/Michael Medvedev (W) def. Charles Kilborn/Chris Caskin (T) -- 8-2


1. Austin Barr (W) def. Granville Kaynor (T) -- 6-1, 6-0

2. Ananth Raghavan (W) def. Ross DeRose (T) -- 6-2, 6-1

3. Calvin Chung (W) def. Christopher Bilicic (T) -- 7-5, 7-5

4. Alex Taylor (W) def. Dylan Powell (T) -- 6-0, 6-2

5. Peter Frelinghuysen (W) def. Chris Caskin (T) -- 6-1, 6-0

6. Noah Reich (W) def. Charles Kilborn (T) -- 6-1, 6-1

E. Kirun Cheung (W) def. Courtland Boyle (T) -- 8-5

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