Ephs Fall to Amherst in Tight 5-4 Match

Arturo Kam '21
Arturo Kam '21

AMHERST, MA -- In an extremely close match, the Williams College Ephs (ranked #10 in NCAA DIII) fell to the Amherst College Mammoths (ranked #7), in their second consecutive 5-4 defeat.

Despite getting swept 3-0 in doubles play, the Ephs managed four singles victories, but it wasn't quite enough against a formidable Mammoths squad. It was the first time that Williams had been swept in doubles play since their opening match of the season against Harvard.

The Ephs didn't win any of their doubles matches, but the tandem of junior Alex Taylor and freshman Peter Frelinghuysen fought all the way to a tiebreak. The Amherst duo of Sean Wei and Jayson Fung, however, prevailed in the tiebreak to win the match 8-7. The Mammoths' Zach Bessette and Harris Foulkes took down Eph sopohomores Arturo Kam and Calvin Chung by a score of 8-3, while Amherst's Damien Ruparel and William Turchetta defeated Williams senior Deepak Indrakanti and sophomore Austin Barr by an 8-2 margin.

In singles play, the Ephs finally got on the board when junior Ananth Raghavan earned a two-set victory over Amherst's Kevin Ma. Taylor continued the momentum by defeating Foulkes in two sets -- the first set being decided by a tiebreak, but the second being a 6-0 rout. The Mammoths' Turchetta pulled off an impressive comeback against Frelinghuysen, dropping the first set 6-1 only to win the next two sets by the margins of 6-2 and 6-0. Wei defeated Kam in a back-and-forth three-set match, the third set decided by a 7-5 score. Indrakanti and Chung defeated Amherst's Fung and Bessette, respectively, but it wasn't quite enough to win the overall match.

"Really fought on every court and almost overcame a doubles sweep," said Eph assistant coach Felix Sun following the match. "I'm proud of the way we competed. This match came down to a few points. Right back to it this week getting better everyday."

Next week, the Ephs return home for the first time since April 6th, squaring off against an impressive Bowdoin team.



1. Sean Wei/Jayson Fung (A) def. Alex Taylor/Peter Frelinghuysen (W) -- 8-7 (5)

2. Zach Bessette/Harris Foulkes (A) def. Arturo Kam/Calvin Chung (W) -- 8-3

3. Damien Ruparel/William Turchetta (A) def. Deepak Indrakanti/Austin Barr (W) -- 8-2


1. Sean Wei (A) def. Arturo Kam (W) -- 6-4, 3-6, 7-5

2. Ananth Raghavan (W) def. Kevin Ma (A) -- 6-1, 6-4

3. Deepak Indrakanti (W) def. Jayson Fung (A) -- 6-3, 3-6, 2-3

4. Calvin Chung (W) def. Zach Bessette (A) -- 6-3, 5-7, 2-1

5. Alex Taylor (W) def. Harris Foulkes (A) -- 7-6 (5), 6-0

6. William Turchetta (A) def. Peter Frelinghuysen (W) -- 1-6, 6-2, 6-0

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