Williams Softball Drafts Meghan Schrade through Team IMPACT

Williams Softball Drafts Meghan Schrade through Team IMPACT

WILLIAMSTOWN, MA — Team IMPACT pairs children with life-threatening and chronic illnesses with college sports teams.  Team IMPACT has matched almost 200 children with teams across the Northeast, mid-Atlantic, and Midwest.  Moving forward, the organization's primary goal is to find new children to be matched with teams.  If you know of a child who may be interested in being a part of a TI team, more information can be found at www.goteamimpact.org.

The Williams softball team is now the fourth Eph team to draft a member of Team IMPACT into their program.  The softball team recently drafted 6-year-old Meghan Schrade to be their newest teammate.  Meghan was born with a condition called Transposition of the Greater Vessels, and is currently on her third pacemaker.

The most important part of a relationship between a child and his or her team is that the child really becomes a member of the team.  Meghan is not merely associated with Williams Softball, but rather a full member of the team.  While unable to travel with her team to California for their spring break trip, she sent a stuffed cow named Winnie in her place.  With the Ephs now back in Williamstown, Meghan will attend practices and games, and her teammates will be in nearly constant communication with Meghan.

Both Meghan and her new teammates will gain a lot from this new relationship.  Meghan will be given a new kind of support system, and she will be able to experience being a part of a team even though her condition makes it difficult, if not impossible, to play sports.  The softball team gains not only a great new teammate, but also the ability to make a very real difference in the life of a courageous child.  Both the team and Meghan have valuable lessons to teach the other.

Head Coach, Kris Herman, also sits on the Board of Directors for Team IMPACT.  Herman remarked, "All three Williams teams that have drafted kids so far have done an incredible job, and we hope our team will continue that trend.  Meghan is a great kid, and we are very lucky to have her on our team."

Coach Herman's excitement was echoed in the statements of every other member of the team.  Senior Megan Casey added, "Meghan has an infectious enthusiasm for life, and she is a fantastic addition to our team."

The Ephs hope to channel some of Meghan's enthusiasm and willpower in their 2013 season as they seek the program's first NESCAC Championship since 2006.

Media attention around Team IMPACT has been growing, and the Berkshire Eagle and ESPN Boston have recently published articles about the organization.  Those articles can be found at the following links: