Megan Casey's Journey to ESPN With Stops in Denver, Williamstown, and London

Megan Casey's Journey to ESPN With Stops in Denver, Williamstown, and London

By Megan Casey '13

I was accepted to Williams in 2008 and had four great years in Williamstown before graduating this June. I majored in Political Science, and was a member of softball team. I also worked in the Sports Information Department for my last year and a half at Williams. All of those things led me to my current position as a Production Assistant at ESPN in Bristol, Connecticut.

During my junior year of college I began to think more seriously about what I would do after graduation. I knew I loved sports and I decided to pursue that as a career path. However, I had little idea of how I might go about doing that.

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I spent my fall junior semester in London and while I was there my softball coach Kris Herman suggested I get involved with the Williams Sports Information Department when I got back to Williamstown in January. I sent Sports Information Director, Dick Quinn (DQ), an email and he said he would be happy to have a discussion with me when I returned to school.

I started out working four hours per week in the Sports Information Office. I wrote game programs and the occasional press release and talked sports and politics with DQ and Associate SID, Kris Dufour. When I returned to school in the fall for my senior year, DQ, knowing I am big football fan, asked if I would be interested in doing play-by-play or color commentary for the football webcasts. I took this as a great privilege and thoroughly enjoyed this new role. As the year went on I also did the color commentary for several basketball games and it became more and more clear that I wanted a job in sports media after graduation.

In January, I was given the opportunity to intern at NBC Sports. It was a great experience. I learned more about sports media in one month than I ever thought possible. When I returned to Williams in February for my final semester I was sure of what I wanted to do, but still unsure of how to make it happen. DQ and Dufour encouraged me to be patient.

Graduation came and went and a job opportunity in the sports world seemed to be drifting further and further away. Then, out of nowhere, DQ sent me a text message asking me if I would be interested in a job at ESPN. A Williams' alumnus was leaving ESPN to return to the Purple Valley and her job would be available.

DQ gave me the contact information for her supervisor and I sent him an email. He got back to me and so began my interview process at ESPN. I spoke with several people in the contact's department and then went through phone interviews with leaders of the Content Associate Program (CAP), which is a program for entry level Production Assistants at ESPN. Then I was flown to Connecticut for a final interview. While I was there, I received another message from DQ asking if I would be interested in applying for a job in the Dartmouth Sports Information Department. DQ did not know that I had traveled to Connecticut to interview at ESPN. I called DQ to tell him that while that sounded like a good opportunity, I had just finished the day interviewing at ESPN and I wanted to see how that played out.

A short time later, I got the call I'd been waiting for. I had been selected for the CAP Program at ESPN. I was to start in two weeks. I have now been at ESPN for one week, learning how to cut highlights for various programs. DQ used to tell me Sports Information Assistants had the best jobs on campus because we got paid to watch sports. As it turns out, that is also an option after graduation.