Eph Women 8th, Men 10th After Day 1 at Dartmouth

Eph Women 8th, Men 10th After Day 1 at Dartmouth


DARTMOUTH SKIWAY, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- The Williams Alpine Ski Team raced the Giant Slalom today to kick off the Dartmouth Carnival with Eph head coach Kelsey Levine summing up the team's performance: "The Ephs showed a lot of heart today. It's a hard line between risk and smart tactics and we played to extremes on both sides."

The women had four racers make it into second run, with freshman Anna Bruce leading the women with a 37th place. Gibson Donnan was close behind in 39th, while Madeleine Dekko and Isabel Torres finished 45th and 48th respectively. Foreste Peterson of Dartmouth College brought home a win for the day.

The men were well placed after the first run but only managed two finishers for the day, with sophomore Paul Sheils making it into the top 30 with a 28th place finish and classmate Ryan Schmidt moving up almost forty start bib numbers into 38th. Senior Captain Marc Talbott threw down a first run time of 1:01.12 to ski into 12th place, 1.02 seconds off leader and eventual winner Tanguy Nef of Dartmouth. Charlie Harrison also performed well in his first run to put down the 22nd fastest time but had to be assisted off the hill in his second run after a particularly nasty fall. Coach Levine commented on Harrison's crash: "It's frustrating to see an injury result from gutsy skiing - but Charlie was skiing hard".

Despite a tough Day 1 for some, the Ephs must now focus on the Slalom race tomorrow for the final day of the Carnival. Coach Levine sees potential for the team to do well, noting that, "Our team is skiing fast slalom and we have a lot of individuals who have skied fast on different days and runs. If they put their good skiing on the hill tomorrow, we could have a strong showing."



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