Relay Day Fun

Lucy Alexander/ Photo by Jack Consenstein
Lucy Alexander/ Photo by Jack Consenstein




CONCORD, NH – A sudden drop in temperatures made for an icy quick course for today's relay races. This final race hosted by the Dartmouth team is a fun way to spice things up in the middle of race season. Relays are a great way to infiltrate the monotonous long-distance classic and short distance skate races the WILLIAMS NORDIC team participates in all season.

The women started the day off in their three person relay, each skiing a 5k course. Junior Ingrid Thyr lead the womens A team, tagging off to sophomore Magdalen York who tagged off to senior captain Sonya Jampel who crossed the finish line in 10th place. The WILLIAMS NORDIC women's B team of freshman Jenae Rassmusen, Isabel Lane and Siri Bohacek ended up in 19th place.

Once the womens team crossed the finish line, the WILLIAMS NORDIC mens team got ready to rip. This is the only 5k the men will participate in all season so spectators held their breath in unknowing anticipation as the men lined up in the starting gate. The A team, consisting of senior captain Nick Gardner, senior Braden Becker and freshman Isaac Frietas-Eagan ended their day in a well-deserved 7th place only 2 seconds in front of the WILLIAMS NORDIC mens B team consisting of junior Dylan Syben, junior Jack Consenstein and senior Evan Carr.

The WILLIAMS NORDIC team looks forward to next weekend when they will be competing in the Middlebury Carnival.