Wrapping Up ‘Rock the Cow’ Season

Ingrid (Gritty) Thyr / Photo by Jack Consenstein
Ingrid (Gritty) Thyr / Photo by Jack Consenstein



RUMFORD, ME—The ski season has been full of ups and downs (or hills and downhills if you'd like) and the WILLIAMS NORDIC team keeps having to pinch themselves to remember the final carnival weekend has begun! While the WILLIAMS NORDIC team has a lot to be proud of, they hope to end the season with a bang. After the first half of the last carnival weekend, the WILLIAMS NORDIC team is hungry for big points and small finish places.

The women started the day off with a 5k individual start skate race. The sun was shining so the wind felt left out and decided to join the party, providing a warm yet breezy course. Sophomore Magdalen York lead the Ephwomen in 24th place, only 16 seconds out of a top 10 finish. Following York was teammate junior Ingrid Thyr in 27th place and senior captain Sonya Jampel in 29th. This resulted in the WILLIAMS NORDIC women's team in 7th place overall. While many individuals were happy with their races today, the Ephwomen know they are capable of more and are now preparing to prove their true worth for tomorrow's race.

After the Ephwomen burned a lap on the course, the WILLIAMS NORDIC men's team took off their over pants, exposed their one-of-a-kind purple cow spandex and tore the course up. The men competed in an individual start 10k skate race. Senior captain Nick Gardner lead the pack, coming in 12th place, only 6 seconds out of a top 10 result. Following Gardner were teammates freshman Isaac Freitas-Eagan in 16th and senior Braden Becker in 18th. These top WILLIAMS NORDIC men's results lead to 6th place as a team.

The WILLIAMS NORDIC team looks forward to their last race of the season tomorrow in Rumford, ME.