Ephs top Vassar 76-65 in 2OT

Ephs top Vassar 76-65 in 2OT

WILLIAMSTOWN, MA -- A six-point run to open the second overtime session lifted Williams (2-0) to a 76-65 win over the visiting Vassa Brewers (2-10. The eight rebounds made by Maddie Mandyck '22, in addition to the six rebounds made by both Gabby Martin '21 and Maggie Meehan '21, allowed for the Ephs to win their second game of the season in two overtime periods of play. 

The second five-minute overtime began with Williams winning the tip, resulting in a two-point shot from Mandyck. Emily Chang made another lay-up just one minute later, putting the Ephs up by four, 66- 62. From the free-throw line, Mikaela Topper added another two to the Ephs' lead. Vassar's Sophie Nick quickly responded for the Brewers with a lay-up for two points and the Eph lead was down to four, 68-64. A drive from Topper, ending with a pass to Mandyck, allowed for Mandyck to score on layup. With 1:50 remaining Vassar's Sarah Gillooly made one free throw to cut the eph lead to 70-65, however, Gillooly's free throw would be the Brewers' last point of the night. A foul on Chang resulted in two more points for the Ephs in free-throws, drawing the Ephs' lead out to seven. With 28 seconds left in the overtime period, Martin added two more to the Ephs score from the free-throw line as well. Another foul from Vassar allowed for Topper to score her 22nd and 23rd points of the game. The Ephs ran out the clock, and secured the win over Vassar, 76-65.

The scoring began in the third minute of the game, with a two-pointer and one foul shot point by Vassar's Jackie Cenan. The Eph's Katie Brule '20 answered back just eight seconds later with a layup of her own. Back and forth scoring ensued, led by Ephs Mikaela Topper '21 with 10 points, as well as Cenan and Sophie Nick for Vassar. The first quarter ended with a score of 22-12 in favor of Vassar. 

Nick started the scoring off in favor of the Brewers again in the second quarter, after three Ephs shots had hit the rim and bounced away. The Ephs called a timeoutin the fourth minute of the quarter, back-to-back blocks by Mandyck and Emily Chang '20 helped the Ephs defense hold off offensive drives from the Brewers. This strong defense eventually allowed for another four points for Topper, Mandyck, and Meehan. Vassar's Dani Douglas interrupted the Ephs' scoring spree with a three-point shot with two minutes left in the quarter. However, a steal from Martin with 25 seconds left in the quarter caused Vassar to call a timeout. A buzzer-beater three-point shot from Chang tied the score of the game at halftime at 29-29. 

The third quarter began with two points from Vassar's Natalie Pettirossi from the free-throw line in the fourth minute. Seven seconds later, Meehan answered back with two points of her own, keeping the game tied. Three-pointers by Devin Biesbrock '23 and Martin countered Vassar's offensive movements, keeping the two teams alternating being in the lead. The last shot of the quarter came from Chang again, who made a three-pointer with five seconds left. Chang's shot secured the Ephs a two-point lead, with a game score of 42 - 40 entering the final quarter.

Topper triggered the Ephs' momentum by making a three-point shot within the first nine seconds of the fourth quarter. Meehan followed with a two-point shot three minutes later, increasing the Ephs' lead. Cenan responded for the Brewers with a lay-up of her own, beginning the scoring for Vassar in this quarter. In response to a layup from Topper for the Ephs, Vassar's Isa Peczuh made a jump-shot to keep the score differential close. Cenan made another three-point shot to tie the game at 49-49, with five minutes and thirty seconds left. A shot from Nick put the Brewers ahead by two, and sent the Ephs into a timeout. Two more points from the free-throw line from Peczuh enlargened Vassar's lead to four. Quickly after, Emily Peckham '20 put up another two points to close the gap in the score. A steal from Martin, who assisted another Peckham two-pointer, tied the game again, at 53-53 with one minute and forty-three seconds left. A jump-shot from Meehan with 60 seconds remaining put the Ephs back ahead by two. A drive down the lane by Emily Tincher tied the game for the Brewers at 55 - 55, where the fourth quarter ended. 

The Ephs won the toss to start the five-minute overtime period. The first shot made of the extra-time was by Vassar's Cenan, with two points. Chang responded one minute later, with a three-point shot of her own. Nick increased the Brewers's score by one from the free-throw line, to tie the game, and then Meehan made a two-point shot very quickly in response to keep the Ephs ahead by two, with two minutes left. Peczuh also increased the Brewer's score by one from the free-throw line shortly following. Topper made another two-point shot to make the score 60-62 with 59 seconds left in the overtime period, and causing a timeout to be called by Vassar. After the timeout, Peczuh made a two-point layup, tying the game again at 62, with 25 seconds left. Three fouls by the Brewers in the last four seconds of the game resulted in the first overtime period ending at a tie at 62 - 62.

"Everybody stayed together. Nobody stopped believing," head coach Pat Manning noted after her team's second win of the season, "It was such a great win for us as a team, because of how much they played together. It was like the five on the court were one." This win was especially meaningful to the Ephs, as they lost to the Vassar Brewers by 10 points last season. 

Up next, the Ephs will take on Endicott at home in the Morin Memorial Tournament this coming Friday, at 6pm.



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