Williams Women's Crew Sweeps the Donahue Cup!

2018 Donahue Cup Champions
2018 Donahue Cup Champions

WORCESTER, MA — With the sun shining down on Lake Quinsigamond and the wind staying at manageable levels, the day was already off to a stronger start than last weekend. After a week of rowing together on Lake Onota, the Eph women were excited to show what they could do.

The 1V was first off the line, and coxswain Louisa Abel, stroke seat Caroline Kessler, Eileen Russell, Bertie Miller, Clara Beery, Maddy Boutet, Sam Lazar, Katrina Wheelan, and Diana Matthiessen had already pulled ahead by the 250-meter mark, where their fellow teammates were cheering them on. "At the end of the day, we got the job done. We definitely had a lot of positive takeaways from our piece and it was an improvement from last weekend, but at the same time I think there's room to find more speed, which is always exciting," said 4-seat Maddy Boutet. The 1V set the tone of the day with a win and a time of 6:43.40.

Coxswain Ava Palmo, Fiona Yonkman, Kate Latimore, Annie Rush, Julia Mini, Katherine Melkonian, Stephanie Brown, Masa Peterson, and Brynn Moynihan competed in the 2V race. "Coach Kate [Wachala] told us to go out hard and hammer it all the way down the course, and I feel like we did that," stated 3-seat Stephanie Brown, "We started out behind because we were still adjusting our point at the start, but we walked through. There's still a lot to learn but it was a good race." Despite starting out behind, the Williams women crossed the line fourteen seconds ahead of the second-place crew.

The 3V, composed of coxswain Brittany Chung, Emily Saulnier, Harper Johnson, Anna Bruce, Ria Hanson, Betsy Button, Josie Maynard, Sarah Yang, and Abi Matthew took on WPI. 7-seat Harper Johnson reported, "There was a pretty strong wind coming out from under the bridge, but we had a strong start and maintained a lead for the whole race, which was really fun. I was proud that we kept pulling together to do the best we could even after we'd pulled ahead." The 3V finished with a time of 7:23.0, thirteen seconds ahead of WPI.

The last boat to enter the course was the 4V. Coxswain Morgan Whaley, stroke Grace Chamberlin, Katrina Wheelan (earning MVP status for the day by hot-seating into a second race), Amelia Jamond, Maddie Dyke, Grace McCabe, Crystal Ma, Nicole Fernandes, and Allie Campbell were determined to finish what their team had started and end the day with a fourth and final Williams victory. WPI took a lead of a few seats with a strong start, but by the 1000-meter mark, the Williams 4V had definitively achieved their goal. They finished with a time of 7:40.6, twenty-one seconds ahead of their competition.

Every team member finished the day with a win -- a great day to be an Eph! As junior Harper Johnson says, "racing in Worcester is always fun!" It will be great for the team to be back on the course in a few weeks, but they're looking forward to a home race next weekend. The women will host Little Threes and compete against Wesleyan and Amherst on Onota Lake in Pittsfield, Mass. on Saturday, April 21st.

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