Varsity II Into Grand Final; Varsity I in Petite Final

V2 wins morning heat on Day 1 at 2018 NCAA Championships
V2 wins morning heat on Day 1 at 2018 NCAA Championships

SARASOTA, FL – It was a day of mixed results for Williams College women's crew at the NCAA Rowing Championships for Women today.

The Varsity II boat qualified for the Grand Final, but the Varsity I boat did not make the Grand final and will compete in tomorrow's Petite Final.

The Williams Varsity II boat led at the three checkpoints and finished first in their morning race to advance directly to tomorrow's Varsity II Grand final at 11:12 AM tomorrow.

The Eph Varsity II boat raced against Wesleyan, Pacific Lutheran and Ithaca. Five hundred meters into the race the Eph lead was almost a full second over second place Wesleyan.

At the 1000m check point the Eph lead had ballooned to 3.6 seconds and it would grow again to just under six seconds at 1,500m and with 500 meters to go the Ephs were not gong to be challenged.

Closing strong the Ephs were clocked in 7:06.455 with Wesleyan second in 7:15.100, nearly a nine second margin of victory.

Pacific Lutheran was third in 7:19.235 and Ithaca came in fourth with a time of 7:25.945.

Eph Varsity II: Ava Palmo (Cox), Fiona Yonkman (8), Roberta Miller (7), Emily Rush (6), Stephanie Brown (5), Katherine Melkonian (4), Katrina Wheelan (3), Masa Peterson (2), Kate Latimore (1).

The Eph Varsity I boat came in third behind Ithaca, Wellesley and ahead of Pacific Lutheran in their morning race.

Ithaca led from the start and won by a margin of over 2.7 seconds over

Wellesley, five seconds over the Ephs, and 11 seconds over Pacific Lutheran.

The Ephs were 14 hundredths of a second ahead of Wellesley at 500 meters, but 500 meters later Wellesley had built .7 second lead over the Ephs and that lead would grow to nearly three seconds by race's end.

The third place finish moved the Eph Varsity I boat into the afternoon repechage race, where they would line up against Washington College, Wesleyan and Pacific Lutheran to determine which two of these four boats would join the Grand Final field tomorrow.

Eph Varsity I: Louisa Abel (Cox), Clara Beery (8), Julia Mini (7), Eileen Russell (6), Madeleine Boutet (5), Diana Matthiessen (4), Brynn Moynihan (3), Samantha Lazar (2), Caroline Kessler(1)

In the afternoon Varsity I repechage the Ephs got off to a decent start, but Wesleyan established its never-relinquished lead immediately. Williams was in fourth at 500 meters about eight tenths of a second out of the coveted second place spot, which was held by Pacific Lutheran.  

One thousand meters in the Ephs had moved ahead of Washington College into third, but still trailed Pacific Lutheran by seven tenths of a second.

At the third checkpoint at 15000 meters the Ephs were just over two seconds behind Pacific Lutheran, and they were unable to catch Pacific Lutheran over the last 500 meters and thus did not advance to the Varsity I Grand Final. Pacific Lutheran finished in a time of 6:38.44 and the Ephs were timed in 6:40.020. Wesleyan won the repchage in 6:36.661.

The Eph Varsity I will race in the Petite Final tomorrow, while the Varsity 2 boat will race in the Varsity 2 Grand Final.

The Varsity 2 Grand Final will be at 8:34 AM tomorrow and the Varsity I will compete in the Varsity I Petite Final at 9:06 AM.

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