WWC Starts off Spring Season with 4 First-Place Finishes

Ephs Win 1V, 2V and 3V Varsity Races vs. William Smith & Wellesley
Ephs Win 1V, 2V and 3V Varsity Races vs. William Smith & Wellesley

GENEVA, NY—The Williams Women's Crew team had a strong start to their spring racing season in Geneva this weekend. The 1V, 2V, 3V, 4V, and one four raced against crews from Wellesley and William Smith on William Smith's crystal-clear home course. The wind and current held off so that all crews could have a solid race down the canal.

The first varsity boat started off the day with a win for Williams. The 1V, composed of Ava Palmo, Sam Lazar, Julia Mini, Diana Matthiesen, Brynn Moynihan, Eileen Russell, Maddy Boutet, Fiona Yonkman, and Caroline Kessler, came down the course in 7:02.7. This time had them across the finish line 1.2 seconds ahead of the Wellesley crew. The William Smith women were only 2 seconds behind Wellesley. "For the first race of the season, it was fun to be really in it with all of the other crews," says senior 6-seat Diana Matthiessen.

Masa Peterson, Annie Rush, Stephanie Brown, Catherine Powell, Katrina Wheelan, Lexi Cooper, Maddie Dyke, and Betsy Button were coxed down the course by Rebecca Tauber. This 2V won their race by 6.8 seconds, with a time of 7:25.4. Wellesley took second place and William Smith took third.  

The 3V continued the Williams sweep, but not without some excitement. Morgan Whaley coxed a boat of Grace Goodall, Harper Johnson, Anna Bruce, Josie Maynard, Liz Ostermeyer, Emma Wuerth, Olivia Straw, and Kate Latimore. Within the first 10 strokes, the 3V caught a boat-stopping crab and had to take a moment to regather as the race went on without them. Whaley, the boat's coxswain, reports: "Wellesley had pulled ahead, but no one was afraid. No one was freaking out. This was just a moment to show some grit, and honestly all I was thinking was 'ok, this is going to be really fun.'" The boat picked it back up with 15 high-rate strokes and caught the Wellesley boat, eventually winning the race with open water. The women finished 9.7 seconds ahead of Wellesley, completing the race with a time of 7:37.1.

A 4V, composed of coxswain Allie Campbell, Sydney Pope, Rebecca Coyne, Alameda Chapman, Amelia Jamond, Miriam Harshberger, Nicole Fernandes, Crystal Ma, and Grace Chamberlin, raced down the course in a time of 8:16, coming in second to the Wellesley crew.

The last race was between the Williams and William Smith fours. Senior Kate Latimore was certainly the MVP for the day; she rowed back up the course from her 3V race to fill out the lineup of the four, and raced down the course once more. The rest of the lineup had Rosie Sokoll in the coxswain's seat, Georgia Ganser as stroke, Lilia Robinowitz in 3-seat, and Rachel Morrow in 2-seat. They completed the 2000m race in 8:58.2, winning by over 19 seconds against William Smith.

The women hadn't rowed since Spring Break, so the race today was a great opportunity to get everyone on the water. And winning 4 out of 5 races isn't a bad way to start the season. The team is excited to make improvements this week as they get back to taking strokes on Lake Onota, and WWC will keep the fire lit as they race against WPI, Connecticut College, Rochester, and Simmons at the Donahue Cup on Lake Quinsigamond this coming Saturday.