Battling Wesleyan, Amherst, and Pouring Rain at the Little 3 Regatta

The WWC seniors at their last official home race on Lake Onota.
The WWC seniors at their last official home race on Lake Onota.

PITTSFIELD, MA-- Lake Onota was uncharacteristically flat for this year's Little Three Regatta. Unfortunately for the rowers from Williams, Amherst, and Wesleyan, the flat water was created by a steady downpour during the racing hours. 

Ava Palmo, Fiona Yonkman, Brynn Moynihan, Sam Lazar, Julia Mini, Eileen Russell, Carol Kessler, Diana Matthiessen and Maddy Boutet were the first to take on the pouring rain. The 1V came in second to Wesleyan by 3 seconds. Wesleyan won with a time of 6:59.16, Williams finished in 7:02.9, and Amherst took 3rd with a time of 7:30.18. 
Stroke seat Fiona Yonkman explained that, overall, she feels positive about how the race went: "We know how to row in the rain. We had a good start and we were trading seats in the beginning of the race. I still feel positive about this race because they were over-stroking us, so if we can work on moving the speed up with the stroke rate while keeping the same rhythm, I think we have good things to look forward to." 
The 2V, made up of Morgan Whaley, Masa Peterson, Annie Rush, Stephanie Brown, Catherine Powell, Katrina Wheelan, Lexi Cooper, Maddie Dyke, and Betsy Button, came down the course in 7:19.7. They got a strong start, but Wesleyan fought back in the middle of the piece, making for a close boat race. The Williams women doubled down and beat Wesleyan by 2 seconds in the end. Wesleyan finished with a time of 7:21.32 and Amherst finished in 7:55.9. 
Emma Wuerth, the bow seat of the 3V, reported that "the boat itself felt good and strong throughout the piece. We moved really well together, but I'm excited to improve." Stroke seat Grace Goodall agreed, saying "I think everyone pulled really hard, but it was challenging because there wasn't anyone else near us. As much as we kept walking, I feel like we'll have more to give when there's someone next to us to serve as motivation." The boat will work on this competitive mentality this week, but they do feel at least one large improvement was made during this piece: "We had a solid start—our best start yet," reported Grace and 4-seat Liz Ostermeyer. The 3V, made up of coxswain Bex Tauber, Grace Goodall, Harper Johnson, Anna Bruce, Kate Latimore, Liz Ostermeyer, Josie Maynard, Olivia Straw, and Emma Wuerth, won by almost 20 seconds, despite having to bail their boat out with someone's water bottle minutes before the race. They finished with a time of 7:33.3. Wesleyan finished in 7:52.2, and Amherst finished right on Wesleyan's tail in 7:53.1. 
The 4V and 4+ dealt with the same sodden conditions: "There were whitecaps in my footwell," 4V 2-seat Grace Chamberlin remarked, reporting on the large amount of water sloshing around in the boat. Regardless, the women maintained positive and focused attitudes as Allie Campbell coxed Amelia Jamond, Alameda Chapman, Rebecca Coyne, Sydney Pope, Nicole Fernandes, Miriam Harshberger, Grace Chamberlin, and Crystal Ma to the start and through the race. "We had a plan to win the first 300 meters when we knew the water would be better, and then we were able to keep moving throughout the race," reports Rebecca Coyne. Thanks to the rain, the water conditions were much better than they had been all week, and the 4V was able to focus on taking good strokes together. Campbell called for the boat to take more open water, taking strokes for each other and for the 1V, 2V, and 3V rowers. The Williams 4V finished in 8:11.9, 47 seconds ahead of Amherst. 
The Williams four rowed in the same race as the two 4V eights, and they were able to hold their lead and cross the finish line first after having been given a head start. The four, rowed by Georgia Ganser, Lilia Rabinowitz, Rachel Morrow, and Abbey Murray-Stark and coxed by Rosie Sokoll, crossed the line with a total time of 9:07.5. 
WWC loved racing on their home course this weekend, and they're excited to do so again for a scrimmage next week.