At the foundation of the Williams Women’s ice hockey program is a holistic approach to both education and hockey. The program is committed to creating a healthy and challenging environment that fosters each student-athlete’s multidimensional growth.  Our student-athlete will be presented with opportunities to become more self-aware, to contribute to a greater cause, and to become personally responsible for her experience. 

The program focuses on developing and sustaining relationships with teammates, coaching staff, professors and members of the surrounding communities. There is a heavy emphasis placed on creating a strong team dynamic including the evaluation of each individual’s contribution to the team, both on and off the ice. We look for leadership, cooperation, and dedication in our recruits and in our graduates.

At Williams, we play an offensive style of hockey that capitalizes on high-tempo play and creativity. The combination of fundamental skill sets, flow drills, and small-area games during practice are designed to help the players become more adaptable and responsive on the ice. This manner of game preparation, in essence recreating game-like situations, enables players to habitually make split-second decisions. These are the mental and physical skills necessary to be competitive in today’s game.

Being a member of the Williams women’s ice hockey program is a privilege, one that is earned every day. The program challenges the athlete daily. It expects the athlete to devote herself to ice hockey, both mentally and physically. Our program has a standard of excellence for its team members. We believe that each member will rise to the challenge and realize the wealth of the individual and collective experience that follows hard work and dedication.

Williams women’s ice hockey is committed to hands-on learning. Our goal as a hockey program is to foster life skills such as hard work, teamwork, dedication, and sacrifice. These are skills that will enable each player to thrive well beyond her years at Williams College.