RPI Bests Williams 10-6

Suzanna Penikis '19
Suzanna Penikis '19

Groton, CT—RPI (1-2) Scored the first three goals of the game and three of the last four goals of the first half to take a 6-3 lead into the halftime intermission. Williams (0-2) narrowed the RPI lead to two at 10:48 of the second half when Claire Fitzpatrick notched an unassisted tally. The Engineers, however, responded to the Fitzpatrick goal with two more goals to secure the 10-6 win.

It was a Williams player, first-year Claire Fitzpatrick, who made the first shot on goal 4 minutes into play. The Ephs totaled three shots on goal before the Engineers had one, but a shot 9 minutes in from RPI junior Maddy Aslansan put the game's first point on the board. It was followed within two minutes by a second Engineers' goal, and though the Ephs continued to fight hard on defense RPI had a third score by the time the clock showed 17:47.

A timeout was called by Williams at this point, and whatever happened during that time had a powerful impact on the team. Just 17 seconds later, senior Kat Fearey netted the Ephs's first goal. Fearey was assisted by junior Emma Tenbarge, who won draw control after the return from timeout and made the most of it. The Ephs continued forward with this momentum, and just 40 seconds after their first goal of the game they had their second, a quick shot into the net from Tenbarge, leaving the Ephs trailing 3-2.

The Engineers responded to the Williams goal with one of their own, and the Ephs responded in kind. The point difference was still only one until, just 2:13 before halftime when the Engineers scored a fifth goal, followed by a sixth with just 21 seconds remaining. The period ended with RPI leading 6-3.

The Engineers scored again early in the second half, but before long the Williams players struck back. Junior Suzanna Penikis assisted sophomore Kara Wollmers on a goal with 22:18 on the clock, a shot that breezed past the goalkeeper and into the bottom left corner of the net. Thirty seconds later Penikis netted another point for the Ephs herself with a deft low shot.

The Engineers scored again at 13:49 and Williams called another timeout. As before, they returned to the field with reinvigorated offensive power. There were two shots from the Ephs in quick succession following this timeout. Then, with just under 9 minutes of play remaining, Fitzpatrick took the shot that earned the Williams players their sixth and final point on the board.

Though Williams had several more shots, the Engineers played fiercely during the second half of this period and did not allow any more goals to be scored. RPI managed to add two goals to the eight they had previously, making the final score 10-6.

Head Coach Alice Lee says of the day's competition, "We gave RPI too many opportunities, and they're a good team who were able to capitalize on those possessions." That being said, she looks on this loss as a positive opportunity, as it will be "helpful for us to refocus our energy in our practices moving forward."

The highest number of goals scored by anyone on the field this evening was 2, a mark achieved by three RPI players (Maddy Aslansan, Abbey Salvon, and Lauren Guiry) and Wollmers from Williams. The Engineers led in shots on goal 19-16. Eph goalkeeper, sophomore Kami Cisneros, saved 6  shots, and RPI goalkeeper, junior Aleena Milinski, saved 7.

The Ephs will be home for the first time this season on Saturday, March 10, at 1:00PM EST when they take on the Trinity College Bantams.