Ephs Outdo Hamilton, Win 13-10

WILLIAMSTOWN, MA – After an intense two halves of back-and-forth action, the Williams College women's lacrosse team prevailed over the Hamilton College Continentals 13-10. While the teams came out even with 33 total shots apiece, Hamilton found themselves lacking in free position shots and picked up a few too many turnovers.

"We were just focused on playing our game and just staying in the moment the entire time," asserted head coach Alice Lee. "I think that was really it – not focusing on anything else, literally play by play."

The Continental's Tatiana Bradley scored a goal right as the final klaxon sounded, giving her the most goals of any Hamilton player with three. Williams' Emma TenBarge also collected three, with seven total Ephs contributing goals to the win. Hamilton goalie Hannah Burrall saved nine shots; Eph goalie Kami Cisneros saved 12.

Hamilton's Bradley came blazing out of the gate with a goal at the beginning of the first half thanks to the Continental's Kara Pooley winning the opening draw. The next goal was the Ephs', however, as Kara Wollmers made a dive to sneak past Hamilton goalie Burrall. After three turnovers and some intense back and forth as the Ephs tested the holes in Hamilton's defenses, TenBarge scored on a feed from Kara Wollmers to give Williams the lead 2-1.

Meghan Halloran was the next Eph on the board, converting on a free position and upping the Eph's lead to 3-1 over the Continentals. Hamilton's Bradley came right back with a goal assisted by Charlotte Wynn after an unsuccessful attempt by teammate Skylar Simson to score. Simson redeemed herself minutes later with a goal of her own assisted by Honor Gabriel, pulling Hamilton even with Williams 3-3.

Chloe Heiting made sure the tied score did not last when the first-year scored an unassisted goal to put Williams back in the lead. Afterward, neither team seemed to be able to get the upper hand, as the ball changed hands nine times as both the Continentals and the Ephs struggled to find a weak point in the other's defense. Williams' Claire Fitzpatrick was the one to find a hole and scored to put the Ephs up 5-3.

An impressive score off a high feed from Kara Pooley gave Lauren Hamilton of the Continentals her first goal of the game as she sprang to tip the ball in. The Eph's Halloran responded with a goal of her own, maintaining a two-point lead over Hamilton for Williams. A last-second free position attempt for Williams did not prove fruitful but still saw the Ephs up 6-4 at the half.

In contrast to Hamilton's scoring at the start of the first, Williams' Sophia Millay raced to score the first goal of the second period – and then the second as well, this time assisted by Mason Yonge. Hamilton's Simson was the first Continental to score in the second half, putting up a goal on a feed from Kara Pooley.

With Hamilton down 8-5, the Continentals redoubled their efforts to cut down the deficit and capture the lead. Olivia Seymour scored on the next free position shot, but the following one from Sarah Moore was unsuccessful. Following saves from each team's goalie, Williams' Wollmers scored on a free position to bring the Eph's lead to 9-6. Three more came quickly from the Ephs, one from Yonge and one from TenBarge. Three consecutive turnovers from Hamilton put the ball back in TenBarge's hands. Putting the opportunity to good use, she scored to bring Williams' lead to 12-6.

A Hamilton free position saw Eph goalie Cisneros block the first attempt, but Continental Tessa Ryan bounced the ball past her to score. Hamilton's Eva Abel followed it up with another a minute later, cutting the deficit to four with 9:32 on the clock. An unfortunate missed Williams shot turned into another Continental goal, as Abel put up her second in a row on a feed from Seymour.

Another goal from the Eph's Fitzpatrick put the deficit back to four as she scored on a free position. Right as the clock hit zero, Hamilton's Bradley put up the final goal of the game. But this wasn't enough to make up for the deficit from the first half; Williams won the game 13-10.

"Shoutouts to [Meghan] Halloran for coming up big for us today; Jessie Hem with her play; Kara's been crushing it, and Chloe stepped up for us today when we needed it," said Lee proudly. "It was just a great team effort today. People were just standing together."

The Ephs have a double header this weekend and will face off against Colby College this coming Saturday at home at 12:00 PM followed by a Sunday game at Skidmore at 1:00 PM.