Ephs Subdued By Skidmore 14-11

Ephs Subdued By Skidmore 14-11

SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY – In their last non-conference game of the regular season, the Williams College women's lacrosse team was defeated by the Skidmore College Thoroughbreds 14-11. This is the team's first loss coming off of two wins over conference teams Hamilton and Colby this week.

"What really killed us today was the 50/50 ground balls and not coming up with those after making some plays today," stated head coach Alice Lee. "This is a good game for us in terms of learning how to play through the ebbs and flows of the game and moving forward."

Eph senior Emma TenBarge racked up a hefty seven goals throughout the game. Skidmore's top scorer was Cas Szwajkowski, who put up four for the Thoroughbreds. Eph goalie Kami Cisneros made 11 saves; Skidmore's Caroline Kenlon made 12.

Williams took the first shot of the game, setting the tempo high with a shot right off the bat. It  was blocked by Thoroughbred goalie Kenlon, though, and Skidmore gained control of the ball. Their following shot was also saved, this time by Cisneros, and the Ephs were able to take control of the ball to set Fitzpatrick up to score the first goal of the game.

Skidmore followed up with a goal of their own by Emily Hirsch assisted by Anna Boogaerts, evening the score at 1-1. With more back and forth following, TenBarge inched Williams back in front assisted by Fitzpatrick, only to be followed by Skidmore's Shelby Boland scoring assisted by Natalie LaBeau. LaBeau was then able to put up a goal of her own, giving the Thoroughbreds the lead for the first time in the game.

TenBarge made sure that Skidmore's lead did not last, as she scored twice in a row to give Williams a 4-3 lead. However, two more in a row came back from the Thoroughbreds, with Cas Szwajkowski scoring on a free position and Boland putting up another assisted by Amanda Orvis to swing back into the lead 5-4.

Once again, TenBarge evened the score at 5-5, but another two came flying from Skidmore by Boogaerts and LaBeau. This gave the Thoroughbreds their largest lead of the game thus far at 7-5. TenBarge pulled off the same move from earlier – two goals in a row, with the first on a free position and the second assisted by Oliva Gomez, to once again even the score. Even so, Skid's Szwajkowski scored the last goal of the half to nudge the Thoroughbreds in front to leave them barely up 8-7 over Williams at the half.

Szwajkowski was also the first to score in the second half, as she put up another assisted by Boland around three and a half minutes in. Another Skidmore goal followed shortly after, this time by Grace Connerty assisted by Boogaerts. In the face of this three-point deficit, the Ephs came back with two goals, one from Kara Wollmers assisted by Meghan Halloran and another by TenBarge on a free position. Wollmers, working off the deficit, scored assisted by Gomez to draw Williams even with Skid for the first time since the first half.

The next few minutes were fortunate for the Thoroughbreds: Skidmore went on a four-goal run with points coming from three different players. The first shot came from LaBeau assisted by Hirsch; the next two came from Orvis assisted by Szwajkowski on the former and LaBeau on the latter. A small break in scoring followed, ended by Szwajkowski with a goal that put Skidmore up 14-10 over Williams.

Fitzpatrick put up a goal with 1:16 left on the clock, ending Williams' man-down situation. Despite the small burst in momentum, the Ephs were unable to make up for Skidmore's earlier three-goal run. The Thoroughbreds claimed the win over Williams, outscoring the Ephs 14-11.

"Mason Younge came up big with us to earn our extra possessions. Oliva Gomez [also came] up for us is big as another set of eyes on the attack," said Lee. "We're excited to move to forward!"

The Ephs will play at Bowdoin on Saturday, April 20 at 12:00 PM.