Ephs defeat Lycoming to end the day 1-2 at the Budd Whitehill Duals

Dylan Millson '20
Dylan Millson '20

WILLIAMSPORT, PA – The Williams College Wrestling Team are taking part in the Budd Whitehill National Duals on Friday January 12th and Saturday January 13th.  The annual tournament is named for long time coach of the Lycoming Warriors Budd Whitehill.  

The tournament features four groups of four teams who compete in round robin style.  The winners of each group will be reseeded into a Championship bracket on Saturday.  Consolation brackets will also be seeded for the teams who do not win their group.  The seeding and reseeding will ensure that each college is involved in five duals over the course of the tournament. 

Fifteen teams will compete in the national duals tournament this year.  Millikin University decided not to attend, which will result in forfeits for each of the matches they were involved in.  Competition is fierce, including 11th ranked Messiah College and 17th ranked Roger Williams University.

The Ephs were placed into Group 4 alongside York College, Lycoming College, and University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.  They will face off against all three of their competitors in group 4 today.  Action began at 10:30 am against University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

In the first match of the day Williams took on Group 4's top seeded University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.  The Ephs sprung out to a quick 12-0 start when Senior Matt Morris's opponent forfeited, and Junior Ben Morton pinned his opponent in 1:25. 

The Blue Golds took the next two matches at the 141 and 149 weight divisions.  However, Senior Jake Savoca delivered a big 7-6 win over his opponent in the 157 pound weight class.  Unfortunately, Wisconsin edged out the Williams competitors in the rest of the matches. 

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire defeated Williams College 28-15 

                                                            Wisconsin-Eau Claire vs. Williams College

            Match Summary                                                                                                                 WEC WILL

  1. 125 Matt Morris (Williams) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf                                                0       6.00
  2. 133 Ben Morton (Williams) over Cody Vogel (WEC) Fall 1:25                                                0       6.00
  3. 141 Tyler Demo (WEC) over Alex Pankhurst (Williams) Dec 9-2                                            3.00  0
  4. 149 Carter Focht (WEC) over Jack Murphy (Williams) Dec 11-5                                             3.00  0
  5. 157 Jake Savoca (Williams) over Hunter Deleon (WEC) Dec 7-6                                           0      3.00
  6. 165 Chase Schmidt (WEC) over Yo Akiyama (Williams) Dec 9-3                                           3.00  0
  7. 174 Tyler Vogt (WEC) over Luke Anslemi (Williams) TF 18-3                                                  5.00  0
  8. 184 Evan Lawrence (WEC) over Sebastian Dziadkiewicz (Williams) Dec 11-7                       3.00  0
  9. 197 Ramsey Bloy (WEC) over Christopher Washington (Williams) TF 21-6                            5.00  0
  10. 285 Tyler Burt (WEC) over Nicholas Beauchamp (Williams) Fall 1:30                                    6.00  0
  11. Dual Meet Score                                                                                                                       28.0 15.0

Previously encountered York College was the Ephs' opponent in the second round.  York College defeated their first opponent, Lycoming College, 30-12.

Matt Morris continued his dominant performance with another victory over his opponent.  His success earned the Ephs their only points for the match.

After a series of close matches, York college downed Williams College 44-6.


                                                    York College vs. Williams College

            Match Summary                                                                                                             YORK WILL

  1. 125 Matt Morris (Williams) over Dylan Nuttall (York) Inj 5:00                                             0       6.00
  2. 133 Zachary Dwyer (York) over Dietrich Hartman (Williams) Fall 1:06                               6.00   0
  3. 141 Jeffery Walker (York) over Alex Pankhurst (Williams) Maj 10-2                                    4.00   0
  4. 149 Gregory Warner (York) over Jack Murphy (Williams) Maj 10-0                                    4.00   0
  5. 157 Eric Hutchinson (York) over Jake Savoca (Williams) inj 6:15                                        6.00   0
  6. 165 Jackson Drum (York) over Yo Akiyama (Williams) Maj 10-0                                         4.00   0
  7. 174 Joseph Sindoni (York) over Dylan Millson (Williams) Fall 4:36                                      6.00   0
  8. 184 Francis Krauss (York) over Carl Sangree (Williams) Maj 12-4                                        4.00   0
  9. 197 Hasan Alic (York) over Christopher Washington (Williams) TF 16-0                              5.00   0
  10. 285 Stefanos Karpontinis (York) over Nicholas Beauchamp (Williams) TF 16-0                 5.00   0
  11. Dual Meet Score                                                                                                                     44.0   6.0 

The Ephs finished round three of Friday's portion of the Budd Whitehill Duals against the hosts Lycoming College. The Warriors came into the match up 0-2 on the day.  Their first match against York college ended in a 30-12 loss.  Their second match against University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire resulted in a close 26-23 defeat.

Matt Morris remained undefeated throughout his matches.  His 12-4 victory gave the Ephs a quick 4-0 lead.  However, Lycoming College struck back with three wins in the 133, 141, and 149 weight divisions to bring the score to 4-10.  

First year Brendan Kiernan earned his first victory of the day with a 6-3 decision over his opponent.  Sophomore Yo Akiyama followed up with decisive 1:14 pin to bring the match score to 13-10.

Lycoming took the next match in the 174 division to tie the score at 13-13. Senior Carl Sangree and Junior Sebastian Dziadkiewicz finished out the day with two strong victories over their adversaries to bring the score to 20-13.  Even Lycoming's pin in the 285 division was not enough to overcome the Ephs' dominant performance.

The final score had Williams College defeating Lycoming College 20-19.

"The win over Lycoming will definitely go down as one of the highlights of the year." Coach Honecker praised the team. "Every guy made a difference as the dual came down to a single team point.  In the close losses as well as the wins we took each of our opponents to the limit.  With the dual meet on the line it fell to Carl Sangree at 184 to get a win to keep us alive.  He trailed the whole way and fought his butt off to even the score and force overtime.  The takedown in overtime set up Sebastian, who put the nail in the coffin with a resounding major decision."

                                                        Lycoming College vs. Williams College

            Match Summary                                                                                                               LYCO WILL

  1. 125 Matt Morris (Williams) over Shane Casey (Lycoming) Maj 12-4                                     0        4.00
  2. 133 Lucas Drick (Lycoming) over Ben Morton (Williams) Dec 5-4                                        3.00   0
  3. 141 Andres Aguilar (Lycoming) over Alex Pankhurst (Williams) SV-1 6-4                              3.00   0
  4. 149 Trevor Corl (Lycoming) over Jack Murphy (Williams) Maj 8-0                                        4.00   0
  5. 157 Brendan Kiernan (Williams) over Hadyn Swartwood (Lycoming) Dec 6-3                     0        3.00
  6. 165 Yo Akiyama (Williams) over Kevin Keppler (Lycoming) Fall 1:14                                     0        6.00
  7. 174 Brandon Conrad (Lycoming) over Luke Anselmi (Williams) Dec 6-0                              3.00   0       
  8. 184 Carl Sangree (Williams) over Kyle Bennet (Lycoming) SV-1 5-3                                     0        3.00
  9. 197 Sebastian Dziadkiewicz (Williams) over Loc Long (Lycoming) Maj 14-4                        0        4.00
  10. 285 Garrett Wesneski (Lycoming) over Nicholas Beauchamp (Williams) Fall 1:11               6.00   0
  11. Dual Meet Score                                                                                                                      19.0   20.0


Honecker summed up the day: "I am so proud of how this group competed today.  Our lineup wasn't full strength today, but even though we weren't 100% we gave 100% of what we had."  He continued: "This years' team is going to require 100% out of every guy in every match to grind out dual victories.  These guys showed so much grit and deserved that big win.  Gotta roll it into another big day against RIT first round tomorrow." 

The Ephs finish the day 1-2 against a very strong field.  Saturday marks the second and final day of the Budd Whitehall National Duals.  The Ephs will have two more head to head matches to determine their final position. They will face Rochester Institute of Technology in their first match tomorrow.