Ephs defeat Wesleyan, Bridgewater, and RIC in 3-1 day at the NEWA duals

Ephs defeat Wesleyan, Bridgewater, and RIC in 3-1 day at the NEWA duals

PROVIDENCE, RI – The Williams College Wrestling team traveled to Rhode Island this weekend to take part in the annual New England Dual Meet Championship being held at the Rhode Island Convention Center. The Duals are one of the capstones of the Ephs' long season and a strong performance here has been one of the goals of the team's preseason training and grueling series of prior competitions.

Williams Wrestling was one of sixteen teams which competed this weekend. Amongst those present were a few teams the Ephs have faced off against before and a few they will face further down the stretch. Williams has faced individual competitors from Castleton University and New England College in tournaments; they also won an early dual in their first match of the season against Trinity College. The Ephs will have the opportunity to face off against both Wesleyan University and Castleton University in head to head duals later this season as well.

Entering the NEWA Duals, the Ephs were seeded 12th as a team. Aside from the collective success, the team also had three individual wrestlers ranked. Senior captain Yo Akiyama has earned an 8th place ranking at 157, junior captain Joey Rossetti stands at 2nd at 141 pounds, and sophomore David Yeh rounds it out with a 6th place ranking at 125.

The NEWA Duals function the same way as last weekend's Budd Whitehill Duals. Teams face off against one another at each weight category with the opportunity to earn a certain number of team points for each potential outcome. The lowest points earned come from low point differentials while the highest comes from pins and tech fall victories. The Ephs delivered a strong day of wrestling despite an early loss to a strong competitor. 

Head Coach Scott Honecker had this to say about his team's performance at the 2020 NEWA Duals: "These guys are wrestling their tails off.  We are getting better every time out. Knocking off Wesleyan is always a big deal, and keeping it rolling through Bridgewater and Rhode Island was what we needed." He continued, "We've got about 6 weeks until the regionals. We are gaining speed. We have a few more weeks to focus on development before we begin the peaking process as we sprint to the finish".

The Ephs first match of the day pitted them against Roger Williams University who came in off a third-place finish at the Plymouth State Invitational on January 11th. The Ephs had a couple strong wins, but they were ultimately edged out to send them to the consolations.

Yeh and Rossetti came up big for the Ephs against the Roger Williams University Hawks with major decision victories. Yeh delivered a 9-0 victory which put Williams in a 4-0 early lead and Rossetti's 10-2 victory at 141 pounds added another four team points to the scoresheet. Unfortunately, these were the only wins the Ephs were able to record against Roger Williams. The Hawks took the match with a score of 36-8 and would go on to take third amidst a very competitive field. 

Roger Williams (RI) defeated Williams College (MA) 36-8

  • 125 - David Yeh (Williams College (MA)) over Ben Dubois (Roger Williams (RI)) Maj 9-0
  • 133 - Sean Wieck (Roger Williams (RI)) over Dietrich Hartman (Williams College (MA)) TF 16-0
  • 141 - Joseph Rossetti (Williams College (MA)) over Seth Frohnheiser (Roger Williams (RI)) Maj 9-0
  • 149 - Jacob Cardozo (Roger Williams (RI)) over Albert Xing (Williams College (MA)) Maj 10-2
  • 157 - Jackson Wrobel (Roger Williams (RI)) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 165 - Jack Kelly (Roger Williams (RI)) over Nick Anselmi (Williams College (MA)) Maj 12-3
  • 174 - Brett Leonard (Roger Williams (RI)) over Dante Gutbrod (Williams College (MA)) TF 19-2
  • 184 - Eli Wilson (Roger Williams (RI)) over William Smith (Williams College (MA)) Dec 5-5
  • 197 - Jack Rogers (Roger Williams (RI)) over Dylan Millson (Williams College (MA)) Dec 3-1
  • 285 - Addison Boisvert (Roger Williams (RI)) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

The loss knocked Williams Wrestling out of the championship bracket, but they would not be kept down as they wrestled back with continued success.

Their first shot at redemption put them up against fellow NESCAC school, Wesleyan University. Last weekend's Budd Whitehill Duals had seeded the two teams into the same bracket, but their records ensured they did not face off. This time around, the Cardinals and the Ephs went head to head.

Yeh delivered again to make his record 2-0 up to that point with a close 6-5 decision victory to give the Ephs and early 3-0 start. A Cardinal representative put Wesleyan into the lead in the following match with a tech fall victory at 133 to make the score 5-3. Rossetti bounced back with a dominant 1:11 pin to join Yeh at 2-0 and give the Ephs the lead again with a score of 9-5.

The Ephs kept the ball rolling with victories at their next three weight categories to open up a strong lead. First year Albert Xing bounced back from an earlier loss with a grueling 8-6 decision victory over Dario Molina. Akiyama and junior Brendan Kiernan both earned a default six points when their competitors forfeited both the 157 and the 165 match. The stretch gave Williams a strong 24-5 lead heading into 174 pounds. 

Wesleyan managed to capture the 174 pound match to cut the lead to sixteen at 24-8. The Ephs came back at 184 pounds where first year Will Smith delivered a 4-2 decision victory to make the score 27-8. First year Larry Adyeri followed suit and added the Ephs final points of the match with a 6:06 pin over Pablo Sanchez at 197 pounds. A final close decision loss at 285 cut the lead slightly but the match fell definitively in Williams Wrestling's favor with a final score of 33-11.

Williams College (MA) defeated Wesleyan (CT) 33-11

  • 125 - David Yeh (Williams College (MA)) over Amir Daouk (Wesleyan (CT)) Dec 6-5
  • 133 - Tristan Stetson (Wesleyan (CT)) over Dietrich Hartman (Williams College (MA)) TF 15-0
  • 141 - Joseph Rossetti (Williams College (MA)) over Andrew Hennessy (Wesleyan (CT)) Fall 1:11
  • 149 - Albert Xing (Williams College (MA)) over Dario Molina (Wesleyan (CT)) Dec 8-6
  • 157 - Yo Akiyama (Williams College (MA)) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 165 - Brendan Kiernan (Williams College (MA)) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 174 - Marco Gaita (Wesleyan (CT)) over Nick Stefanelli (Williams College (MA)) Dec 9-4
  • 184 - William Smith (Williams College (MA)) over Duncan Kreutter (Wesleyan (CT)) Dec 4-2
  • 197 - Olamide Adeyeri (Williams College (MA)) over Pablo Sanchez (Wesleyan (CT)) Fall 6:06
  • 285 - Harrison Karp (Wesleyan (CT)) over Dylan Millson (Williams College (MA)) Dec 5-4

Their victory over Wesleyan pushed the Ephs to the second round of the consolations for their third match of the day. They faced off against Bridgewater state University. A back and forth battle involving a few streaks on both sides ended with another Eph victory to push them into the 9th place match.

Yeh continued his dominant streak with a 5:33 pin at 125 to give the Ephs a strong 6-0 start. A Bridgewater State Bear cut into the lead shortly after at 133 pounds with a 10-5 decision victory to make the team score 6-3. Rossetti continued his trend with another pin over Ian Forgitano. His dominance at 141 pounds extended the lead to nine at 12-3.

Xing and Akiyama added key victories at 149 and 157 pounds respectively to push the Ephs out significantly ahead. Xing delivered a strong 1:15 pin over Gil Santiago to add six points. Akiyama followed suit with a 17-1 tech fall victory over Devin Winn. Their efforts forced the score to 23-3.

A 165 pound victory for Bridgewater state gave the Bears three additional team points to make the score 23-6. Kiernan would deliver the final victory of the match for the Ephs with a 6-3 decision over Dave MacNeil. His victory pushed the Ephs score to 26 and ensured Bridgewater would not overcome the twenty point hole they had fallen into.

Even victories at the following three weight divisions would only give Bridgewater State another fourteen points to make the final score of the match 26-20.

Williams College (MA) defeated Bridgewater State (MA) 26-20

  • 125 - David Yeh (Williams College (MA)) over Wilson Gomes (Bridgewater State (MA)) Fall 5:33
  • 133 - Caleb Lamarre (Bridgewater State (MA)) over Dietrich Hartman (Williams College (MA)) Dec 10-5
  • 141 - Joseph Rossetti (Williams College (MA)) over Ian Forgitano (Bridgewater State (MA)) Fall 1:41
  • 149 - Albert Xing (Williams College (MA)) over Gil Santiago (Bridgewater State (MA)) Fall 1:15
  • 157 - Yo Akiyama (Williams College (MA)) over Devin Winn (Bridgewater State (MA)) TF 17-1
  • 165 - Fox Maxwell (Bridgewater State (MA)) over Nick Anselmi (Williams College (MA)) Dec 2-0
  • 174 - Brendan Kiernan (Williams College (MA)) over Dave MacNeil (Bridgewater State (MA)) Dec 6-3
  • 184 - Edwin Morales (Bridgewater State (MA)) over William Smith (Williams College (MA)) TF 19-1
  • 197 -Henry Oberlander (Bridgewater State (MA)) over Olamide Adeyeri (Williams College (MA)) Dec 7-1
  • 285 - Ryan Higgins (Bridgewater State (MA)) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

A two run streak gave the Ephs another chance to compete. The grueling wrestle back process ensured Williams Wrestling had to earn every inch. To complete their day the Ephs took on Rhode Island College Not to be kept down, the Ephs ended strong with a third win.

Unsurprisingly, Yeh maintained his undefeated streak for the day with a quick 1:07 pin over Brandon Nunez to put the Ephs up 6-0. A 5-0 Rhode Island College victory at 133 pounds repeated past history to cut the lead to three at 6-3. Once more, Rossetti joined Yeh with an undefeated streak as his opponent forfeited at 141 pounds to make the team score 12-3.

Xing and Akiyama also returned to anchor the middle of the ladder with victories at 149 and 157 again. Xing maintained the trend with a 5:45 pin and Akiyama returned even stronger with a 16-0 tech fall victory to make the score 23-3.

Senior 165 pounder Nick Anselmi earned his first victory of the day with an 8-6 decision over Ayomide Onajide to open the lead to twenty-three at 26-3. A Rhode Island College victory at 174 pounds cut into that lead slightly with a 2-1 grueling decision victory which made the score 26-6.

Smith and senior Dylan Millson completed the Ephs efforts at 184 and 197 respectively. Smith earned a 7-3 decision victory over Nathaniel Stemple, and Millson recorded an 8-2 decision victory at 197 to give the Ephs their final points with a total of 32. Even a forfeit on the final match was not enough to do any real damage as the 9th place match fell in Williams Wrestling's favor with a final score of 32-12.

Williams College (MA) defeated Rhode Island College (RI) 32-12

  • 125 - David Yeh (Williams College (MA)) over Brandon Nunez (Rhode Island College (RI)) Fall 1:07
  • 133 - Franky Roman (Rhode Island College (RI)) over Dietrich Hartman (Williams College (MA)) Dec 5-0
  • 141 - Joseph Rossetti (Williams College (MA)) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 149 - Albert Xing (Williams College (MA)) over Eric Zane (Rhode Island College (RI)) Fall 5:45
  • 157 - Yo Akiyama (Williams College (MA)) over Jose DeJesus (Rhode Island College (RI)) TF 16-0
  • 165 - Nick Anselmi (Williams College (MA)) over Ayomide Onajide (Rhode Island College (RI)) Dec 8-6
  • 174 - Jett Tancsik (Rhode Island College (RI)) over Dante Gutbrod (Williams College (MA)) Dec 2-1
  • 184 -William Smith (Williams College (MA)) over Nathaniel Stemple (Rhode Island College (RI)) Dec 7-3
  • 197 - Dylan Millson (Williams College (MA)) over Alexander Hom (Rhode Island College (RI)) Dec 8-2
  • 285 - Jordan Zanni (Rhode Island College (RI)) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

Coach Honecker was proud of the whole team's effort today, but a few stood out as leaders throughout the day: "David Yeh reversed a decision against Wesleyan from earlier in the season, earning him a spot on the All-tournament team.  Will Smith did the same thing, getting a great win against a guy who had beaten him earlier.  We need to keep training hard and adding to our skill set.  I am excited to see how far we can get in the next few weeks."

A strong performance today ended with a 3-1 record on the day. The Ephs last two days of competition put them with a cumulative 5-1 record. Their performance at this point in the season is a direct result of the grueling training and competing Williams Wrestling has endured since beginning in November. The Ephs next chance to compete will come in a week when they travel to Hunter College in New York on the 25th.