Eph’s Post 4-0 Victory over Farmingdale State

Eph’s Post 4-0  Victory over Farmingdale State

WILLIAMSTOWN, MA- The Williams women's soccer team (5-1-2) defeated the Farmingdale State Rams 4-0 (6-7-0) today out on the field. The first goal of the game was scored by junior Natalie Weyerhaeuser during the first half. The other three goals were scored during the second half of the match by freshman Katie Wardlaw, junior Alison Magruder, and freshman Maddie Swarr, respectively.

Williams started off strong with multiple great opportunities in the first half. During the 19th minute, freshman Audrey Thomas was very close to a goal and even leaped over the Farmindale goalkeeper Breanna Blair, but narrowly missed the goal with her shot. Minutes later, Thomas dribbles the ball back the in box to shot, but the shot rebounds off the right goal post and goes wide.

The Ephs were close to a goal once again when Morss ran into the box from the right. The Farmingdale goalkeeper Blair tried to thwart the attempt to score, but Morss surpassed her and shot. However, it was Farmingdale's defender Shannon Kennedy who deflected the ball from going into the goal.

It was not until the last two minutes of the first half when the Ephs had their first goal. With the pressure of the last few minutes, the Ephs stepped up their offense and Morss took the ball into the box from the left and shot. Out of a scramble in front of the net Wyerhaeuser tipped the ball inside the right post.
During the second half, the Farmingdale State Rams continued to fight and walked back onto to the field with a new surge of energy. It was in the second half of the match that Farmingdale made its four shots of the game.
With about 30 minutes into the second half, the Ephs managed to score again with Katie Wardlaw scoring the second goal of the game. With a beautiful pass from Morss to Wardlaw across the right side of the box, Wardlaw was able to shoot the ball in and get on the scoreboard.

Less than a minute later during the 77th minute of the game junior Hana Tomozawa assisted by making a move around her Farmingdale defenders, then passing the ball over to Magruder who shot into the goal. Magruder's dangerous offensive skills showed through in the game today. 

With only seven minutes left on the clock, freshman Tressa Palcheck was put in as goalkeeper for the Ephs. Despite the opportunities and attempts by Farmingdale, Palcheck still came out strong and saved the ball.

During the final minute of the match, the Ephs managed to score a fourth time. This time junior Natalie Weyerhaeuser assisted freshman Maddie Swarr in a last minute goal. As Swarr kicked the ball, it sailed right into the goal, making an exciting last few moments for the game against Farmingdale.

The Ephs dominated with shots as they outshot Farmingdale 25-4. The Williams goalkeepers Hannah Van Wetter and Palcheck each saved one for the team, while the Farmingdale goalkeeper made seven amazing saves throughout today's tough game. 

Three yellow cards were given throughout the match. The first was given during the first half to Hana Tomozawa because of a mix up of the number of players on the field. The second was given to Farmingdale's Ashlee Thompson for a reckless foul during the last two minutes of the first half. And the last was given during the last ten minutes to Samantha Kender of Farmingdale for another reckless foul. 

After the game, Eph head coach Michelyne Pinard commented that "Today was an amazing game. Although we could have done more in the first five minutes of the game we definitely did do great throughout the rest of the match. Soccer is indeed a challenging sport, so we are really proud to get on the scoreboard four times."

The Ephs will be facing off Wesleyan University's Cardinals next Saturday on October 12th at 1:30PM in Middletown, Connecticut.

Pinard adds that "This game is a springboard for the rest of the season. Especially with some serious conference games coming up, we really hope to play as well as we did today."

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