Eph Spotlight Video Interview: Gabz Amos Grosser '17 Women's Soccer

Eph Spotlight Video Interview: Gabz Amos Grosser '17 Women's Soccer

This fall the Eph Sports Information team bega a video project and will interview at least one athlete from each of the 32 Eph Varsity teams.

It has always been academics first at Williams, but we also know that sports matter.

The athlete selected to represent each team was selected based on suggestions made by Eph Sports Information, but the final decision on which athlete would represent each team was made by the head coach.

Through this project you will clearly see how important both academics and athletics are to Eph Varsity athletes as well as learn of other interests these student-athletes have, team traditions, and even get a glimpse of their future goals.

We think you will all enjoy getting to know these Ephs athletes and you will develop a better understanding of what it takes and what it means to be an athlete at Williams.

Thanks go to sophomores Angela Chan and Tobi Popoola our student videographers for their excellent work.

Our third Eph Spotlight features Gabz Amos Grosser a senior defender on the women's soccer team. Amos Grosser talks about being NCAA defending champions, her acadmeic and professional intersts and the cow suits.

The video feature on Gabz Amos Grosser will live on our YouTube page – WilliamsEphsSports and the the women's soccer team page and subsequent videos will also appear on the appropriate team pages and our YouTube page.

You can also go to our YouTube video playlist for the 2016-17 Eph Spotlight Video Interviews to see the previous Eph Spotlight videos that have been posted and be able to track all 32 we will post this acadmeic year -- 2016-17 Eph Spotlight Video Interview YouTube Playlist.

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