Brandeis bests Stevens 3-1

Williamstown, MA—Stevens Institute of Technology (11-4-4) and Brandeis University (12-4-4) took the field at Williams College for an NCAA DIII tournament first round match this afternoon. After a score-free first half, both team's kicked up their offense in the second period, totaling four points between them.

Just six minutes into play in the second half, Brandeis junior Sasha Sunday netted the game's first point. With 39:00 on the clock, after several unsuccessful shot attempts, the Judge forward received a pass from senior teammate Samantha Schwartz and sent it into goal. The 51 minute nil tie had finally been broken.

After this first goal, the two teams continued with fierce offensive playing, but the ball did not make it into the net again until there were only 13 minutes on the clock. Brandeis senior Haliana Burhans took a shot from the far right of the field, deftly crossing the ball past the goalkeeper and into the goal. She was assisted by junior Sam Volpe.

The Ducks had been working since the start of the period to retaliate against the Brandeis score. Sophomore forward, Gabby Saade, in particular, had multiple shots—both on goal and wide. It was not until after the Judges scored their second goal, however, that these offensive attempts met with any success.

The minutes directly following this second goal included some high intensity plays from both teams, and scoring opportunities on each side. With the time at 8:55, the intensity of the competition led to a yellow card for Brandeis junior Julia Maston. With 4:16 remaining of play, Stevens made it onto the scoreboard. Saade took her fourth shot of the game, and sent the ball past Brandeis goalkeeper Frankie Pinto, earning a point for her team. Going into the final minutes of play, Brandeis led 2 to 1.

The game's final goal was netted with just under 3 minutes remaining. Brandeis Sophomore Emma Spector had made a run for the goal and met with the opponent's goalkeeper—senior Lindsey Mahnken—several feet outside of the box. She kicked the ball in an attempt to get around the goalkeeper, but instead of ricocheting back at Spector the ball curved in its deflection, rolling backward and into the goal. Brandeis now had a solid lead over the Stevens Ducks.

The final 3 minutes on the clock ran out, and the Judges took the victory for this first-round NCAA match-up.