Purple Cows Defeat Bowdoin Polar Bears 9-0

Hayley Parsons '18
Hayley Parsons '18

BRUNSWICK, ME - The Ephwomen played a great match against the Polar Bears after a long weekend.

This was an exciting match for the Ephs. Knowing that a firm defeat of Bowdoin would set the team up for success in the NESCAC tournament rankings and complete our weekend. The ephs were determined to have a clean win. The morning dawned cold and clear in Brunswick: after arriving at the courts, the team began to warm up and prepare mentally.

Anna Nicholson, Sarah Willwerth, and Caroline Hogan, at the numbers nine, eight, and seven positions, won in 3 very quick matches after their solid play against their opponents.

Julia Ward at the number three position lost her first game but came back to win in 4 against an opponent she had faced before many times. Abby Leblanc won her match crisply in 3 games. Susana Wilson-Hawken in a match at the number 11 position played a great match in her exciting new blue shoes! Overall, this match was a great end to a very successful weekend for the Ephs, and the team looks forward to continuing on with their momentum. 

Eph head coach Zafi Levy said, "Really impressive wins today for the women's team. We were short one of our top player all weekend long but everybody picked up their level and played well against two strong opponents."

Co-captain Hayley Parsons remarked, "The girls really worked hard today and it made me so happy. It was wonderful seeing how much consistent effort everyone was able to put in after playing so much squash earlier in the weekend. Roll purp!"

  Bowdoin College Rating Williams College Rating Winner's Score Winner Status
1WS Bindra, Lindsey G. 4.1348 Friedman, Nicole T. 4.7178 11-6,11-2,11-4 Williams College C
2WS Ross, Virginia 4.05693 Parsons, Hayley L. 4.61151 11-2,11-3,11-8 Williams College C
3WS Horwitz, Lex 4.06405 Ward, Julia H. 4.64709 9-11,11-3,11-7,11-4 Williams College C
4WS Chopra, Diya 3.94306 Baek, Esther 4.38714 11-8,11-7,11-5 Williams College C
5WS Wood, Zoe 3.17624 LeBlanc, Abigail 4.23796 11-2,11-7,11-3 Williams College C
6WS Belsky, Natasha 2.87482 Swann, Melissa 4.27199 11-1,11-3,11-6 Williams College C
7WS Burkhart, Caroline A. 3.1393 Willwerth, Sarah 4.2659 11-3,11-2,11-1 Williams College C
8WS Cooke, Hannah 2.30667 Hogan, Caroline M. 3.98118 11-4,11-5,11-0 Williams College C
9WS Davis, Jeannie N 2.45794 Nicholson, Anna 4.1339 11-2,11-1,11-2 Williams College C
10WS Warren, Rose 2.04096 Bower, Elizabeth 3.8926 11-1,11-1,11-3 Williams College C
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