Women's Squash Sweeps Mount Holyoke, 9-0

Abigail LeBlanc '21 - Courtesy Michael T. Bello/mtbello.com
Abigail LeBlanc '21 - Courtesy Michael T. Bello/mtbello.com

WILLIAMSTOWN, MA- The Ephs played a solid match this evening against their opponent, the Mount Holyoke Lions. Ready for a long weekend ahead, with four matches total, the team was excited to test the waters in this first round.

All of the Ephs played well, with no Williams player dropping a single game. Abby Leblanc, at the number seven position, played particularly well against her opponent, making great use of the "low box" serve, which she has been working on.

Melissa Swann at number eight also played well, hitting some really tight rails. Co-captain Ananya Mahalingham-Dingra played crisply, making excellent use of the trickle boast. The team looks forward to the challenges the rest of the weekend will bring.

Eph assistant coach Blair Dils stated, "The players played efficient squash tonight. We're in a good place as a team to take on GW tomorrow. It's an exciting matchup that we've been looking forward to for some time."

Co-Captain Ananya Mahalingham-Dingra said, ""The whole team played excellently today and showed resilience in finishing every match quickly and with confidence. It was great to play Mt Holyoke, who are always great sports and we wish them luck with the best of their season."

  Williams College Rating Mount Holyoke College Rating Winner's Score Winner Status
1WS Friedman, Nicole T. 4.71415 Williamson, Brandy 3.84437 11-3,11-5,11-7 Williams College C
2WS Parsons, Hayley L. 4.60947 Ghose, Ragini 3.93905 11-6,11-5,11-5 Williams College C
3WS Ward, Julia H. 4.62722 Chang, Emily A. 3.31546 11-2,11-7,11-1 Williams College C
4WS Baek, Esther 4.3876 Portillo, Lessly 3.36844 11-2,11-2,11-0 Williams College C
5WS Mahalingam-Dhingra, Ananya 4.1755 Mbah, Jennifer 3.35443 11-4,11-4,11-3 Williams College C
6WS Willwerth, Sarah 4.25224 Sachidanand, Tanishka 2.85094 11-0,11-3,11-1 Williams College C
7WS LeBlanc, Abigail 4.24377 Madungwe, Kuzie V 3.0084 11-2,11-4,11-1 Williams College C
8WS Swann, Melissa 4.28236 Robson, Emma 3.0636 11-3,11-1,11-1 Williams College C
9WS Hogan, Caroline M. 3.98525 Lara Granados, Nicole 2.89628 11-2,11-4,11-2 Williams College C
10WS Nicholson, Anna 4.14505 Gair-MacMichael, Kirina 2.5547 11-2,11-0,11-3 Williams College C
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