Ephs Fall to University of Virginia 9-0

Ephs Fall to University of Virginia 9-0

ANNAPOLIS, MD - On Saturday afternoon, the Ephs travelled to the Naval Academy to face off against the UVA Hoos. 

This match was bound to be a difficult one for the Ephs as UVA's season has been off to a very successful start, but the Ephs were excited to battle it out nontheless. Eager to show off all of the improving they've been doing during winter study, this match was a good test of how the Ephs could play against top 10 teams. The Ephs used a five court system for this match. Senior captain Esther Baek (#2), sophomore Abby LeBlanc (#4), junior Anna Nicholson (#6), freshman Alex Pear (#8), and junior Eliza Bower (#10) led the charge for the Ephs in the first wave of play. All five were met with tough opponents, and despite their long and hard fought rallies, were unable to take a game from their opponents and were eventually defeated in three. Trailing 0-5 in the match score, the Ephs readjusted their goals and decided not to focus on the score but instead to focus on the quality of their rallies. The Ephs worked hard to achieve their goal, trying their best to put the ball in the back of the court and gain control of the 'T'. Sophomore Julia Ward (#1), sophomore Sarah Willwerth (#3), junior Melissa Swann (#5), freshman Kathryn Wright (#7), and sophomore Adrienne Conza (#9) were next on for the Ephs. Ward fought hard to take a game from her opponent, but despite her valiant effort, she was eventually defeated in 4 games. Willwerth also gave her opponent good runs and had extremely tight scores, with game scores of 12-14 in the first and 11-13 in the third. Swann, Wright, and Conza all played their hearts out and had very impressive rallies against their Hoo opponents, but all ultimately lost in 3 games.

Assistant Coach Tom Hodgson had this to say after the match: "We were tested today against a top 10 team, and unfortunately, our game isn't quite at their level. However, I'm very pleased to see the high quality of squash in the individual rallies. We've come a long way since the beginning of the season. I look forward to seeing how we do in our big match against GW tomorrow.

The Ephs take on George Washington University tomorrow afternoon at 12pm in Wasington, DC.

1WS Jinks, Emma  4.8423 Ward, Julia H. 4.51402 11-7,11-6,9-11,11-5 Virginia, University of C
2WS Arya, Tara  4.44543 Baek, Esther  4.49218 11-3,11-4,11-9 Virginia, University of C
3WS Haywood, Amanda D. 4.57007 Willwerth, Sarah  4.27472 14-12,11-3,13-11 Virginia, University of C
4WS Baldwin, Caroline C 4.50794 LeBlanc, Abigail  4.28087 11-3,11-4,13-11 Virginia, University of C
5WS Woodworth, Emily C. 4.4975 Swann, Melissa  4.26907 11-9,11-8,11-9 Virginia, University of C
6WS Doss, Sarah R. 4.42604 Nicholson, Anna  4.1001 11-6,11-4,11-3 Virginia, University of C
7WS Veiga, Giovanna V 4.36732 Wright, Kathryn A. 4.08835 11-4,11-2,11-5 Virginia, University of C
8WS Tyson, Diane J 4.41953 Pear, Alexandra  3.8825 11-7,11-5,11-3 Virginia, University of C
9WS Thompson, Julia W 4.42913 Conza, Adrienne  4.10768 11-8,11-6,11-5 Virginia, University of C
10WS Carroll, Eleanor  4.28001 Bower, Elizabeth  3.92205 11-7,11-8,11-9 Virginia, University of C