Eph Diver Competes at Regionals at MIT

Gabby Mercier '21
Gabby Mercier '21

Lone Eph diver Gabriella Mercier '21 competed at the Northeast Diving Regionals at MIT on Friday and Saturday. She had to qualify by scoring a certain point total at two dual meets throughout the season. She practiced alone throughout the season with diving coach Kit Koch, and made leaps of progress from her performances last season. Mercier also is fresh off placing second on both boards at the NESCAC Championship two weekends ago at Wesleyan University.

On Friday afternoon, Mercier competed on the 1-meter board. She placed eighth overall, with a moderate degree of difficulty compared to the rest of the field. Her splashless entrances and tight flips helped propel her through the air and past the competition.

Saturday morning was 3-meter, with Mercier putting on her best performance for the Ephs in the stands, the Ephs watching at home, and the competition on the boards. She nailed a back 2.5, and later received an 8.0 from a judge for her front 2.5. She had an incredible series of dives to cap off her incredible season. 

The Northeast Diving Regionals is one of the most competitive in Division III diving, with some of the most talented divers participating in the event, making it extremely difficult to continue on to the NCAA meet in March. Mercier was one spot out of the meet, placing in the first alternate position overall for the region, ending her season. Despite the ups and down that the season presented Mercier, she remained calm and poised, the Ephs forever proud that she represented them. Mercier will be back (and better than ever), with not only support from her swimmers, but joined by other divers next year.