Ephs victorious in rivalry match over Amherst 6-3

Rebecca Curran '15
Rebecca Curran '15

WILLIAMSTOWN, MA – Forced indoors because of rain, Williams remained resilient and came out on top against rival Amherst today. The two teams have a history of tough competition, this year being no exception. Last weekend, the Jeffs defeated the Ephs in the finals in doubles and semi-finals in singles in the ITA Regional Championships. Williams hoped to bounce back and come out on top this weekend.

In doubles, Williams won 2 out of 5 matches, although only 3 matches were counted for the official score. The top pair of Shoemaker/Curran was pitted against Brewer/Devlin in a re-match of the ITA finals last weekend. Amherst triumphed again 8-3, but the Ephs emerged from doubles up 2-1 overall.

In singles play, Shoemaker extended the Ephs lead to 3-1 as she defeated Brewer 7-5, 6-0. The Jeffs came back to tie it 3-3, winning the next two singles matches.  Not to be deterred, Williams went on to win the next three matches to come out victorious on the day 6-3.
After a long day, coach Alison Swain emphasized the strong mental game her team demonstrated, "The team was very resilient through 2 rain delays and a move indoors. We showed our determination and our fight through a hard fought match."

Full results can be found below.


Doubles                                                                            Winner                                Score


1. Shoemaker/Curran vs. Brewer/Devlin                              Amherst                                 8-3

2. Pylypiv/Elkins vs. Pangalos/Newman                                Williams                                 8-6

3. Atkinson/McCoy vs. Aly/Ghosh                                         Williams                                 8-3

4. Shin/Stone vs. Camacho/Montiguda                                 Amherst                                8-2

5. Hart/Trapness vs. Zalemeda/Sung                                    Amherst                                8-0

Singles                                                                               Winner                                 Score


1. Shoemaker vs. Brewer                                                    Williams                               7-5, 6-0

2. Elkins vs. Devlin                                                            Amherst                               3-6, 4-6

3. Pylypiv vs. Newman                                                       Amherst                           4-6, 6-1, 1-6

4. Shin vs. Ghosh                                                              Williams                           7-6 (1), 7-6 (4)

5. Curran vs. Pangalos                                                       Williams                              6-3, 6-1

6. McCoy vs. Zalameda                                                      Williams                               6-1, 6-1

7. Atkinson vs. Monteagudo                                               Williams                               6-2, 6-1

8. Stone vs. Aisiks                                                             Williams                               6-3, 6-4

9. Hart vs. Carpenter                                                         Amherst                               6-4, 6-3

10. Trapness vs. Adamo                                                    Amherst                                3-6, 3-6

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