Williams Triumphs Over Trinity 8-1

Chloe Henderson '20
Chloe Henderson '20

WILLIAMSTOWN, MA – In their first home NESCAC matchup of the spring season, the Williams College women's tennis team defeated the Trinity College Bantams 8-1. The Ephs swept doubles and picked up most of the singles and are now ranked 8th in the national rankings.

"Feels good to be home - we're looking forward to a full week of practice before hosting Conn College," said Eph head coach Anik Cepeda. "Shout out to Chloe! It's her birthday today and she found some of her signature tennis in the middle of her 2nd set."

Each of the three Williams duos took an early lead in doubles, with Leah Bush '19 and Julia Pham '22 grabbing a quick 5-2 lead. Senior Korina Neveux and junior Emily Zheng were five points in front of their Bantam opponents, with Chloe Henderson '20 and Maxine Ng '22 also created a five-point lead in front of the Bantams Lily Everett and Janie Weber. Bush and Pham finished out 8-3 over Julia Brogan and Elena Pellegrini, followed by Neveux and Zheng defeating Jillian Winer and Marta Drausnik 8-2. The pair of Henderson and Ng had the largest doubles margin of victory of the day, overpowering their rivals 8-1.

In singles, Henderson and Neveux both snagged early leads over Trinity, with the former creating a three-point lead early in her first set and continuing to hold her opponent Drausnik at a minimum three-point deficit. Bush was set back by Pellegrini, who came roaring out of the gate defeat the Williams senior 6-1 in the first set.

Neveux was the first to finish a set, winning 6-2 over Brogan. Pham followed suit, routing Jiranek 6-1 in her first; Henderson also beat her adversary 6-2. Invigorated by her teammates' victories, Bush rallied to shut out Pellegrini in her second set with a 6-0 triumph. Neveux also defeated Brogan 6-0 in their second, claiming Williams' first singles match of the day.

Pham was next to put up a point for Williams, getting the better of Jiranek 6-1 in both sets. Neveux chalked up another win shortly afterward, with a 6-0 win in her second set and putting the day's score at 5-0 over the Bantams. Henderson followed with another 6-2 set over Brogan for Williams' sixth straight point over Trinity.

Bush, going into her third set, began to battle it out with Pellegrini for the win. Meanwhile, Ng and junior Sarah Yang began their sets for Williams, with Ng winning the first 6-3 and Yang losing to Trinity's Ashley Walker 6-4. Bush pulled slowly and surely ahead, emerging triumphant with a six-point lead to win her last set 10-4.

Ng took an early 3-0 lead in her second set, but Winer determinedly climbed back into the lead, overtaking Ng 5-4. Yang was also down to her opponent, Walker, who seized a 3-0 lead over the Eph junior. Yang was not so lucky, was lost her second set to Walker 6-1. Ever the comeback kid, Ng battled her way back into the lead to win her second 7-5 and that was the final point for Williams for the day, giving the Ephs the 8-1 victory.

The Ephs will play at Connecticut College this coming Saturday, April 6th, at 2:00 PM.