Ephs Sweep Conn College 9-0

Julia Pham '22
Julia Pham '22

WILLIAMSTOWN, MA – For their latest conference matchup, the Williams College women's tennis team defeated the Connecticut College Camels 9-0 in a complete sweep. Something about the teams

"We had great focus today," said head coach Anik Cepeda. "[We're] looking forward to another full week of practice!"

Junior Emily Zheng and senior Korina Neveux began their doubles match charging ahead to a 5-0 lead twenty minutes in. Chloe Henderson '20 and Maxine Ng '22 also took a lead over their opponents, ratcheting up the score to 4-1. The duo of senior Leah Bush and first-year Julia Pham, however, were under slightly at first to Conn College's Mariah Warren and Brooke Scully, who took a small 3-2 lead over the Ephs.

This did not last long, as Warren and Scully's third point was their last. Bush and Pham pulled back into the lead at 6-3, and then moved to 8-3 to win their match. The teams of Neveux/Zheng and Henderson/Ng were close behind, both winning their doubles 8-1.

In singles, Neveux and Henderson both took easy 6-0 first sets, while Zheng snagged her first 6-1. Bush, battling it out with the Camels' Emily Migliorini, was down at first 3-2 to the Conn College player. But Bush, ever the comeback kid, pushed past Migliorini to win her first set 6-3.

Neveux and Henderson also took their second sets against the Camels 6-0 each. Zheng joined them on the second round, winning her last set against Scully 6-0. Bush began her second set down by one but quickly closed the deficit and captured a 5-2 lead. Meanwhile, Ng and Pham began their singles sets, both grabbing leads early on in their sets.

Bush closed out her second set 6-3 over Migliorini, while Ng and Pham both closed out their firsts 6-2. The first-years found similar success in their second sets, with Pham winning against Rachel Weiss 6-3 and Ng clinching the sweep for Williams with a 6-0 second set.

Williams will play at Wesleyan on Saturday, April 13 at 10:00 am.




  1. Leah Bush/Julia Pham (W) def. Mariah Warren/Brooke Scully (CC) – 8-3
  2. Korina Neveux/Emily Zheng (W) def. Stephanie Simon/Allison Falvey (CC) – 8-1
  3. Chloe Henderson/Maxine Ng (W) def. Emily Migliorini/Brinley Bartlett (CC) – 8-1


  1. Leah Bush (W) def. Emily Migliorini (CC) – 6-3 6-3
  2. Chloe Henderson (W) def. Hayley Zukerberg (CC) – 6-0 6-0
  3. Korina Neveux (W) def. Stephanie Simon (CC) – 6-0 6-0
  4. Emily Zheng (W) def. Brooke Scully (CC) – 6-1 6-0
  5. Julia Pham (W) def. Rachel Weiss (CC) – 6-2 6-3
  6. Maxine Ng (W) def. Paige Braithwaite (CC) – 6-2 6-0



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