Ephs Defeated by Wesleyan

Julia Pham '22
Julia Pham '22

MIDDLETOWN, CT – In a loss to one of the Eph's fellow NESCAC rivals, the Williams College women's tennis team was defeated by the Wesleyan University Cardinals 8–1 on opposing turf. This is the Eph's first loss in three matches after sweeping Skidmore last week.

"Congrats to Wesleyan," said head coach Anik Cepeda. "They were solid and didn't give many gifts."

In doubles, the Ephs faced a tough lineup of Wesleyan players. Senior Leah Bush and first-year Julia Pham went toe-to-toe with another freshman-senior duo, the Yu sisters from the Cardinals. Unfortunately for Williams, the Yu's proved to be a fearsome twosome, and defeated Bush and Pham 8-2. Emily Zheng and Korina Neveux also had a tough match against Venia Yeung and Polina Kiseleva, as the Wesleyan team was able to foil the Ephs into an 8-4 defeat.

While still a loss, Chloe Henderson and Maxine Ng had the closest match of the day against Alissa Nakamoto and Alexia Almy. While eventually outpaced by the Cardinals, the Williams pair stuck close to Wesleyan for most of the match, eventually being downed 8-5.

In singles, Bush's first set against Victoria Yu was difficult, as the senior lost 6-1. Ng also had a difficult first set, losing to Nakamoto 6-0. Henderson, Neveux, and Zheng all also lost their first sets to the Cardinals. Pham, however, won out over Almy 7-5 in her first set, giving her team hope.

With Pham's first set victory, Williams' second sets across the board were much more competitive. Bush narrowly lost her second to Yu with a 7-5 margin, while Ng scored three points in her second match against Nakamoto, losing 6-3 in the end. Zheng and Henderson also all improved their second-set scores, but eventually lost out to Yeung and Kiseleva.

As Pham went into her second set of the day, all eyes were on her. Almy closed the gap this time to a one-point deficit, as the match went into a tiebreaker with Pham up 7-5. After a hard-fought battle, Pham came out on top of the tiebreaker to win the whole thing 7-5 7-6(5). Unfortunately, she was also Williams' only win of the day, leaving the score with Wesleyan up 8-1 in the end.

Williams will play at Middlebury tomorrow starting at 10:00 AM. Full results from today's matchup can be found below

Full Results



Victoria Yu/Kristina Yu (Wes) def. Leah Bush/Julia Pham (Wil) 8-2

Venia Yeung/Polina Kiseleva (Wes) def. Emily Zheng/Korina Neveux (Wil) 8-4

Alison Nakamoto/Alexis Almy (Wes) def. Chloe Henderson/Maxine Ng (Wil) 8-5



Victoria Yu (Wes) def. Leah Bush (Wil) 6-1 7-5

Venia Yeung (Wes) def. Chloe Henderson (Wil) 6-1 6-3

Kristina Yu (Wes) def. Korina Neveux (Wil) 6-3 6-0

Polina Kiseleva (Wes) def. Emily Zheng (Wil) 6-1 6-2

Julia Pham (Wil) def. Alexis Almy (Wes) 7-5 7-6(5)

Alison Nakamoto (Wes) def. Maxine Ng (Wil) 6-0 6-3


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