Ephs Subdued by Amherst 6-3

Leah Bush '19
Leah Bush '19

WILLIAMSTOWN, MA – In the annual matchup against arch-rival Amherst College, the Williams College women's tennis team was defeated by the Mammoths 6-3. Amherst is currently first in the

In doubles, Leah Bush '19 and Julia Pham '22 started off the day running fairly even with Jackie Bukzin and Kelsey Chen of Amherst, beginning their match 1-1 while teammates Chloe Henderson '20 and Maxine Ng '22 jockeyed for the lead with Maddie Dewire and Maggie Owensby. The Mammoth's Camille Smukler and Anya Ivenitsky snagged the first point of the match against Korina Neveux and Emily Zheng and managed to retain the lead through their match.

Dewire and Owensby soon came back after being down by one to recapture the lead over Henderson and Ng 4-3. The other two matches soon saw Amherst capture 5-2 leads each as the Henderson/Ng duo fought to stick close to their rivals.

The teams of Bush/Pham and Neveux/Zheng fell to Amherst shortly with 8-3 defeats each. Ng and Henderson battled to the end, but were thwarted by Owensby and Dewire in the last doubles match of the day, losing out 8-5.

As the day moved on into singles, Zheng took an early lead over Ivenitsky 2-1 in her first match, as did Bush over Bukzin 3-1. Smukler of Amherst snuck ahead of Henderson 2-1; Neveux of Williams was down to Dewire on her first set, and ended up losing 6-4.

Smukler was the first to win a singles set, beating out Henderson 6-2. Ivenitsky came back over Zheng to defeat her 6-3 in her first set, while Bush came back for the Ephs to win over Bukzin 6-3. Neveux, looking to come back over Dewire, took a 3-0 lead over her opponent, as did Zheng, who was also looking for revenge.

Henderson was the first to fall to Amherst, defeated by Smuckler 6-2 6-2. Meanwhile, Pham and Owensby began their match, with Owens taking an early lead. Neveux won her second 6-3, splitting her sets and going for a third against Dewire. Ivenitsky and Zheng also split their sets, as Zheng won 6-2 and went for a third.

Dewire fell to Neveux 6-3 in the third, giving Williams their first singles win. Zheng also defeated Ivenitsky in the third 6-3; in contrast, Pham lost to Owensby 6-3 6-2. Ng was the last match to finish, and was defeated by Evans 6-2 6-3. Evans clinched the win for Amherst 6-3 for th day.

The Ephs will host Bowdoin next Saturday, April 27 at 10:00 AM.




Jackie Bukzin / Kelsey Chen (A) def. Leah Bush / Julia Pham (W) 8-3

Camille Smukler / Anya Ivenitsky (A) def. Korina Neveux / Emily Zheng (W) 8-3

Maddie Dewire / Maggie Owensby (A) def. Chloe Henderson / Maxine Ng (W) 8-5



Leah Bush (W) def.  Jackie Bukzin (A) 6-3 6-2

Camille Smukler (A) def. Chloe Henderson (W) 6-2 6-2

Korina Neveux (W) def. Maddie Dewire (A) 4-6 6-3 6-3

Emily Zheng (W) def. Anya Ivenitsky (A) 3-6 6-2 6-3

Maggie Owensby (A) def. Julia Pham (W) 6-3 6-2

Claire Evans (A) def. Maxine Ng (W) 6-2 6-3