Williams Victorious Over Bates 6-3

Maxine Ng '2021
Maxine Ng '2021

WILLIAMSTOWN, MA – In their last matchup of the regular season, the Williams College women's tennis team defeated the Bates College Bobcats 6-3. After sweeping doubles today, the Ephs will be going into the NESCAC tournament in the coming weeks, facing familiar faces from other schools.

"Time to recover and then get to work in the final push before NESCACs," said head coach Anik Cepeda. "Congrats to our seniors Leah and Kori for all their hard work and dedication to our program!"

In doubles, the day was very fortunate for the Ephs. All three pairings took early leads over the Bobcats, with Maxine Ng '22/Emily Zheng '20 and Leah Bush '19/Julia Pham '22 snagging 5-4 leads to hold Bates at bay. Chloe Henderson '20 and Korina Neveux '19 also pulled in front of Hannah Sweeney and Lauren Hernandez, eventually winning their set 8-0.

Bush and Pham finished with an 8-5 win over Anna Rozin and Bella Stone, but Ng and Zheng were busy battling out a tiebreaker against Isabelle Rovinski and Suzanne Elfman. However, Ng and Zheng prevailed after a tense set, winning the tiebreaker 7-4.

The Ephs were especially fortunate in the first set of singles, winning four of the five over the Bobcats. Ng also found success in singles against Elfman, winning her first set 6-1. Bush was also victorious in her first set, defeating Sweeney 6-2; Yang was not so lucky and lost to Rovinski 6-1. Henderson also was downed in her first set 7-6. Hernandez was "retired" from her singles match of the day.

Neveux, after winning her first, went on to defeat Stone in her second set 6-3. Bush, in a similar fashion, won 6-3 in her second. Yang lost her second to Rovinski; the Bates player totalled her singles record at 6-1 6-0. After being topped by Rozin in her first set, Henderson made a comeback to win her second 6-1, putting her into a tiebreaker against her Bobcat rival.

With her teammate going into a tiebreaker, Ng forged ahead to win her second set against Elfman, setting her singles record for the day at 6-1 6-4. Bates' Rozin, however, pushed the tempo to outpace Henderson and secure her tiebreaking set 10-3. The Ephs, however, had already found their groove earlier and totalled the day at 6-3 over Bates.

Full Results


Leah Bush/Julia Pham (W) def. Bella Stone/Anna Rozin (B) 8-5

Chloe Henderson/Korina Neveux (W) def. Hannah Sweeney/Lauren Hernandez (B) 8-0

Maxine Ng/Emily Zheng (W) def. Isabelle Rovinski/Suzanne Elfman (B) 8-7 (7-4)


Leah Bush (W) def. Hannah Sweeney (B) 6-2 6-3

Korina Neveux (W) def. Bella Stone (B) 6-1 6-3

Anna Rozin (B) def. Chloe Henderson (W) 7(4)-6 1-6 10-3

Maxine Ng (W) def. Suzanne Elfman (B) 6-1 6-4

Isabelle Robinski (B) def. Sarah Yang (W) 6-1 6-0



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