Williams Goes 1-1 on First Day of Wisconsin-Whitewater Invitational

Catherine Egan '16/Keller Gabriel
Catherine Egan '16/Keller Gabriel

Whitewater, Wis.-- Williams (7-3, 2-1 in NESCAC) began the University of Wisconsin Whitewater Invitational with a four-set win (16-25, 25-17, 25-23, 25-19) against Wisconsin-Stout  (10-7, 1-0 in Conference) and a three-set loss (25-14, 25-22, 25-18) against University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (12-3, 0-1 in Conference).  

 William's first match ended in a four-set victory against Wisconsin Stout. The starters for Williams were Ally Ostrow '19, Tori Jasuta '17, Anna Spellman '17, libero Caitie Benell '17, Katherine Lane '16, Catherine Egan '16, and Ryan Farley '16. The Ephs had a strong start against Wisconsin-Stout with kills by Ostrow, Egan and Lane. Morgan Richman '19 entered at 6-4. Down by two at 11-9, Williams decided to take a timeout. Williams continued to attack at the net, but Wisconsin-Stout completed multiple kills. Williams decided to take another timeout down by eight at 21-13. Wisconsin-Stout continued their run and ultimately won the set 25-16.

The second set began with starters Roxi Corbeil '19, Ally Ostrow '19, Tori Jasuta '17, libero Caitie Benell '17, Katherine Lane '16, Catherine Egan '16, and Ryan Farley '16. At 3-1, Williams had three kills from Jasuta, Egan, and Ostrow. Down 5-4, Morgan Richman '19 entered the game. At 6-6, Mia Weinland '19 entered the game. Williams went on a three point run from 12-10 to 15-10 with kills by Ostrow and Corbeil. Williams stayed strong and won the set 25-17 after a match point error by Wisconsin-Stout.   

The third set began with high energy and began with a block from Jasuta and Corbeil at 2-1. Ostrow followed with back-to-back kills to add two additional points for the Ephs. Up 7-3, the Ephs subbed in Richman for Corbeil. The match continued with narrow point margins between the teams. Up 15-13, Egan had a kill from the middle. Corbeil and Lane teams up for a block at 16-14. Wisconsin-Stout fought back and tied the game at 16-16. Down by one at 17-16, Williams took a timeout. The game remained close with another tie at 18-18 and 20-20.
After back-to-back kills from Egan to widen the margin to two points, Wisconsin-Stout decided to take a timeout. After the timeout, Jasuta had a kill from the outside. However, Wisconsin-Stout pushed back and the margin narrowed to one point at 24-23. Up by one, Williams decided to take a timeout. The timeout proved to be a good strategic decision, because the Ephs came back strong for match point and Jasuta earned a kill from the outside. The Ephs took the set 25-23.

The fourth set started off evenly matched with ties at 5-5, 8-8, and 12-12. Jasuta had multiple strong kills from the outside throughout the match. After a service ace from Wisconsin-Stout at 15-12, the Ephs decided to take a timeout down by three. Ostrow came back from the timeout with a strong kill and diminished their deficit to two points. Richman entered at 15-13, served at 15-14, and got two aces to put the Ephs up by a point and erase the deficit. At 19-16, Farley got a kill. After a kill by Jasuta and a service ace by Ostrow, the Ephs were up 21-16. Corbeil got a kill to put the score at 24-18, and then got another kill at match point. The Ephs took the set 25-19 and won the match against UW Wisconsin-Stout in four sets (16-25, 25-17, 25-23, 25-19).

The second game of the day for the Ephs was against Wisconsin-Whitewater, the hosts of the Invitational. The American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) ranks the Ephs 25th and Wisconsin-Whitewater 15th in the nation.

The first set began evenly with a tie at 7-7 and strong attacks from both sides. Williams took a timeout after being down 14-11. However, Wisconsin-Whitewater then took the lead with attacks from their outside hitters and service aces to widen the margin to 20-12. Williams could not respond to Wisconsin-Whitewater's strong servers and struggled defensively. Wisconsin-Whitewater defeated the Ephs in the first set 25-14.

Williams hoped to improve on defensive inconsistencies during the second set. However, the Ephs started the match stagnant and were trailing Wisconsin-Whitewater throughout the majority of the match. Down by one at 8-7, however, the Ephs managed a kill from Farley with an assist by Richman. The Ephs had a good run from 11-8 to 11-10 with a kill from Jasuta, service ace by Farley, and block by Jasuta and Egan. However, Wisconsin-Whitewater followed with a larger run to widen the deficit to 17-12.
The Ephs managed to pull off a major comeback and at 20-15, Jasuta showed off her net skills with a solo block. Wisconsin-Whitewater took a timeout after their lead had been reduced to three points at 23-20. The Ephs had kills by Jasuta, Spellman, Corbeil, and Egan to close the deficit to a two-point lead. Despite the Ephs best attempt to fight back in the second set, ultimately Wisconsin-Whitewater won the second set 25-22.
The third set opened with a strong middle kill by Egan because of a skilled set from Farley. The Ephs were up at 7-5 after multiple errors from Wisconsin-Whitewater. However, Wisconsin-Whitewater soon took control of the lead and the point deficit for the Ephs widened. The Ephs took a timeout down by six at 16-10. Despite the strong offensive capabilities of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Corbeil managed strong outside hitting at 19-12 and 20-13. Ultimately, the Ephs couldn't recover from the large point gap early on and Wisconsin-Whitewater won the set 25-18. Wisconsin-Whitewater ultimately beat the Ephs in a three-set match 25-14, 25-22, 25-18.

The Ephs are looking forward to the second day of the tournament tomorrow with games against Carthage (No. 6) at 12PM CDT and Millikin at 2PM CDT. 

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