Senior Lauren Barry is the NESCAC Friday Feature

Senior Lauren Barry is the NESCAC Friday Feature

Why did you choose to attend Williams?
I was set on going to school in a big city, but after meeting Coach Kelsey and the team at Williams there was no doubt in my mind that this was the place for me. The high academics, strong alumni network, and the driven student body were extremely enticing, making the decision only that much easier. The beauty of the Berkshires blew me away, and the people radiated energy I wanted to be apart of. It is the best decision I've made in my life.

Why did you choose to be a Division III student-athlete?
The best thing about being a Division III student-athlete is the opportunity to do more outside of just your sport. Division III has allowed me to take full advantage of my college experience, participate in clubs outside of volleyball, dedicate time to my academics, and make friendships that I am eternally grateful for.

What is the best thing about being part of the NESCAC?
The NESCAC's competitive spirit and cohesive academic focus make it the best league in college sports! Every team in our league is at such a high level, there is no such thing as a boring game in the season. Competitive and ambitious student-athletes are able to thrive on and off the court, and it is truly a unique league in NCAA. As a member of the executive board of SAAC, I see every day the hard work and dedication the athletes and athletic administrators pour into our programs. It's a true honor to be a part of such an amazing team, organization, school, and league; and the NESCAC is a huge reason for the amazing college experience I could not be more grateful for. 

What is your dream job/career?
My dream job is being a host on Good Morning America or to have my own talk show. Making true connection and conversation is one of the most important aspects of life, in my opinion. I want to continue dialogue and conversation while providing crucial information to the everyday American. 

What is one positive takeaway you learned about yourself during the pandemic?
My biggest takeaway from the pandemic is my deep care for the world around me. This crucial time in American politics and society, with the addition of the devastating California forest fires, strengthened my rooted passion to help those in need and those in my day to day life. My mindset has expanded as I came to realize all I hope to do with my time is be there for others. Our nation is struggling and it's extremely disheartening that these times occurred in our world, but I hope with the care and passion I've woken up to in the pandemic I can continue to aid in the healing of the planet. 

Did you participate in charity work or work on the frontlines in healthcare during the pandemic? 
During this summer, I worked with a local nonprofit organization created by students and recent alumni from Williams called Williams for Williamstown. Williams for Williamstown raises money to feed frontline healthcare workers while supporting local restaurants and businesses. We held various events, and continue to work to support our community as much as possible. I helped graphic design and run social media accounts promoting our cause. The Williamstown community is such a tightknit, supportive, and integral part of going to school in Williamstown. The community is there at my volleyball games, help the student body through finals weeks, and for many students, including myself, they have made Williamstown a second home these past three years. Williams for Williamstown gave me the opportunity to give back during these hard times in our world. 

What has been your favorite class outside of your major, why
During my the spring semester of my first year, I took a Drawing 100 course with Professor Frank Jackson and it quite literally changed my interactions within daily life. His explanation of how light changes and interacts with every surface and person daily changed my own perspective of how I saw the world. Plus, it was an amazing class and a change of pace from writing papers!

What internships/research projects have you participated in?
Last summer I wrote for a fashion media company which gave me a deep appreciation for fashion and helped to solidify my roots in journalism. I covered Men's Fashion Week during the month of July and additionally analyzed the marketing strategies of major luxury brands advertisements. At the end of the summer, I finished the internship with over 50 articles published and the discovery of a new interest I know I will hold onto for life.

What advice would your 2020 self give your 2017 self?
Take it all in and be in the now. The best may be yet to come, but the present is too beautiful to not enjoy it before it's gone.

What is your favorite place on your campus?
I love studying in our on-campus coffee shop, Goodrich! It used to be an old church and has been renovated into a coffee and breakfast spot with great music, stained glass, and good vibes all around. My best papers and ideas have flowed from my fingertips as I've sipped on a Goodrich coffee, listening to the various alternative songs played. 

Three things on your bucket list? 
- Skydive
- See the pyramids with my Dad
- Write a book

Favorite thing about your school?
The community and people

Favorite thing about fall?
Spooky Season and pumpkin bread!

Dogs or cats?

Beach or mountains?

Favorite quote?
"Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light." -Albus Dumbledore 

Last show you binge watched?
OJ Simpson vs. The People

Last book you read?
Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

Favorite sports hero/figure?
Victoria Garrick

What makes you laugh the most?
My sister's jokes

What phrase or saying does your coach say often?