Ephs Place 2nd at Competitive RPI Saratoga Invitational

Mass start
Mass start


Saratoga, NY — On a cool Saturday morning in September, 16 teams travelled to Saratoga, New York, to race in RPI's Saratoga Invitational. The Ephs raced over a rocky and hilly course, challenging both the puddles and competition to a great 5k race. At the end of the day, St. Lawrence took first place with a score of 54 points, with two runners placing in the top 10 and five in the top 20. Williams took second with a score of 63, with RPI close behind at 67 points. The overall winner was Christine Myers, a junior from Saint Rose, who ran a fast 17:50.

The Williams women ran together in strong packs throughout the race, a quality that head oach Pete Farwell celebrates about the Ephs. Junior Emma Hermann raced in first for the Ephs in 4th, finishing with a time of 17:55. Close behind her was senior co-captain Emily Harris, who placed 5th at a time of 18:01. Soon after, freshman Grace Dailey and sophomore Sarah Tully came racing in, running 18:28 and 18:30 for strong 15th and 16th place finishes, respectively, to round out the top twenty finishers. Sophomores Erica Barrett and Brianna Bourne raced in merely 8 seconds later, both finishing at 18:38 for 23rd and 24th. Fellow sophomore, Jaylan Fraser-Mines kicked in at 18:48 to finish in 32nd.

Freshman Abigail Scott led the next pack of Ephs, racing in at a fast 19:05. Junior Janelle Gowgiel and senior co-captain Lindsay Klickstein followed closely behind Scott to finish at times of 19:11 and 19:20 respectively. Freshman Lilliana Wells kicked in soon after with a time of 19:43. Wells was followed by freshman Sarah Jane O'Connor and junior Hannah Lebowitz, who joined their team mates at the finish line, finishing their races at 19:51 and 19:56, respectively. Junior Adrienne Banks followed soon after, finishing at 20:27. Freshmen Lauren Fossel and Emma Tapscott came in close behind Banks, both finishing strong races at 20:33 and 20:37 respectively. Freshman Avivah Malin and Junior Julia Gunther rounded out the race for the Ephs, coming in at 21:43 and 21:53 respectively.

Head Coach Pete Farwell remarked that "we were delighted to run at the Saratoga Spa State Park course with true cross country trails and hills and river, plus great atmosphere amongst the historic mineral baths, and the RPI band playing throughout." He conveyed that although the competition was strong, the Ephs "responded to that moving up quite a alot in the second half of the race, working the final hill, and kicking well over the final 600 meters"

Head Coach Pete Farwell highlighted Emma Herrmann and Emily Harris, as well as the Ephs top pack of 7 who bring "depth closer to our front runners." He believes that this is key to the Ephs' placement, especially as these leaders frequently come in "within 10 seconds of each other."

The Ephs will be racing again at the Inter-Regional Meet at Conneticut College at 11:00am on October 13, 2018. Head Coach Pete Farwell remarked that the Ephs are looking forward to their next few races: "We will now have a 10-day cycle of more challenging training, as we prepare for the Connecticut College Invitational, and the 'post-season' behond."